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The pyre

Just reward for a witch most notorious
Unlocked Jan 25 @ 8:30pm

Torches and pitchforks

They won't live in fear no more
Unlocked Jan 25 @ 8:03am

Clap! Clap!

You brewed your first potion
Unlocked Jan 25 @ 7:30am

Way to go

Unlock your first potion
Unlocked Jan 25 @ 7:32am

Friends in high places

It's Lady Witch for you, peasant!

The fraud

Be a good-for-nothing witch

Robbery victim

Get too kind for your own good

The circle

Not your ordinary support group

Power play

Meddle in politics. Pay the price


The king is dead! Long live the king!

White hat

Find faith in your heart


Force the bishop to rethink life, God and everything


Break the pact

The loop

Show must go on, even if no one's watching

Potion maker

Unlock all magical potions

The cook

Time to open a tavern will all these recipes

Love affairs

Break the triangle


Dead men tell no tales


Help to rouse the deep one

Prince Rooster

Save the golden rooster

Fairy ring

Get rid of the mushroom circle

When pigs fly

Make the pig fly

Underground river

Flood the mines

Total oblivion

Save the oak grove once and for all

Scarecrow genocide

Destroy all scarecrows in the neiborhood

Death and taxes

Nothing is certain but them

Art is an explosion!

Help create the masterpiece

The fool

He brought it upon himself

Story of a chalice

Uncover the whole story of the ancient chalice


Don't meddle with powers that be

The rainbow drakkar

Help two friends find the rainbow drakkar

Vampire slayer

Help the guard become a vampire slayer

Soul music

Kickstart the bard's career

Your strongest potion

You supplied the knight with your strongest potions

Mrs Cow

Meet the cow and help her


Turn the demon into a lantern

Drunken pixies

Make a deal with the pixies

Elixir of life

Bring the dead back to life

Trap for a butterfly

Spoil the innocent girl