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Oct 14 @ 5:00pm
In topic What was Observer on Lumberyard?
It's a weird bug where if you started tf2 at 3am, then vacuumed your room at exactly 3:33am, while holding your left nut (make sure you're not holding both - common mistake), you'd instantly join the Lumberville map and be given the 'Observer', which is basically a heavy with no clothes on. He'd follow you around the map and 'observe' you. If you pressed W 6 times very quickly, he'd do a 360 and spit cake on your face. They had to remove it because it was happening to too many people by accident (some people weren't holding the correct nut, but still getting the observer for example).

Hope that helps.
Oct 8 @ 5:45pm
In topic flare cool down to fast lol
There is a limited amount of times you can flare. I believe you can only do it 2 or 3 times (depends on the vehicle) and they take a considerable amount of time to come back after running out.
Oct 8 @ 5:45pm
In topic My favorite features
- Reviving; It's awesome that only my squad of 4 can revive me, and it's really cool that they never know where I am because the color palette is so awful. The 8 second animation it takes to pick someone up in the middle of an intense firefight is not frustrating at all. I even like that sometimes when I'm trying to pick someone up, I'll accidentally pick up their gun, because Dice had the genius idea of making them both the same keybinding.

- Spawning weapons; I'm personally a huge fan of having to reset my entire class every time I spawn. There's nothing I enjoy more then tediously scrolling through the scopes and muzzles to find which ones I used in my last life because the game has the memory of a goldfish.

- Specialists; It's actually amazing how Dice created 4 (although there will be 9 in the final release - supposedly?) completely unique characters. I mean, 4 different characters might be too many if you ask me. It definitely doesn't make it hard to spot who's on your team and who isn't, and it definitely doesn't look weird when a group of eight identical Russian men coming running towards you.

- Guns; They all feel really unique and special, especially because you can't customize them at all or make them your own. The 3 or 4 selections for the different weapon parts really adds a whole dimension of customization that's never been seen in games before. It's actually really refreshing to find a game where you're identical to everyone on your team.

- Bullet drop; Sniping in this game is incredibly immersive; You line up your shot on the enemy, pull the trigger, and poof...your bullet flies into the floor. Of course it will, welcome to the real world guys, where bullets can only travel 100ft. It makes sniping in this game the go-to for most people. Not getting kills the entire game because the weapon has a ridiculous amount of recoil relative to every other gun, despite shooting a higher velocity round, is the only real way to play.

I'm obviously being facetious and sarcastic. The game is horrible.
Seen this complaint a lot. I don't think anyone likes the specialists. Frankly, I don't think people like much about the game. It's god awful, and that's being polite.
Originally posted by RafahelBF:
Originally posted by CountSero:

so you are the one who know Dice intention why they use this build as beta right ?

2 things: stress test their servers and promotion.

Why not make a beta using the current build of the game ?

And likely, a way to secure pre-orders. There's a reason they said it was an "open" beta lasting four days, when in reality it was a closed beta, followed by an open beta. They did it so that people would try to play the "open" beta, but then realize they couldn't join without pre-ordering.

Scummy EA... I expect nothing less at this point, and nobody else should either.
Originally posted by RafahelBF:
"Let's do a beta with a 5 months old build of the game."

Yeah, great idea.

It's not 5 months old. Stop pushing that ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. It's two months old.
Oct 8 @ 4:55pm
Never surprises me that someone in the military is mentioning it for the 400th time. Veterans are getting as bad at vegans with their attention seeking.
Oct 7 @ 11:47am
In topic pls delay the game
Originally posted by i c i:
Originally posted by normie:

here is your source

2 months is close to 6 months how?
Oct 7 @ 8:27am
In topic Achievements wont unlock
Originally posted by a2z Interactive:
We've managed to nail down the issue with achievements so it should be fixed for 1.11.

Woop Woop!!
Oct 6 @ 9:57pm
In topic It's a Circus
Couldn't agree more. It's a very odd game.
Oct 6 @ 9:56pm
In topic AA largely pointless
I could be mistaken, but when the AA locks on to the target, track the target with your aim after firing, trying to keep the red box on the vehicle. I've found that doing that actually gets more guaranteed hits. I'm guessing that if you fire and then immediately close the aim, the rocket just continues flying in the last direction you were pointing, rather than tracking the target like it's supposed to.
Oct 6 @ 9:53pm
In topic Bait and switch "OPEN" Beta
Originally posted by clarkeveritas:
I think betas are a good idea, especially for a game like BF that depends on servers handling crazy amounts of people. There are probably lots of things that come up when 100,000 are playing a game rather than when it's just the local dev testing people. It kinda IS having us do their job for them I suppose but how else can you find all the issues unless you spend thousands and thousands of hours playtesting. I'd argue that by doing things like alphas and betas they could be shortening game dev time by many months just by using the brute force of getting all the play data.

100%. It's to make the launch day smoother, because ratings on the first day matter the most. Although, I don't think this was the OP's point. He's not annoyed that betas exist, he's frustrated at EA's intentionally misleading wording. There's nothing "open" about a beta where only people who've pre-ordered the game or bought a subscription are allowed to play.
Oct 6 @ 9:47pm
In topic Bait and switch "OPEN" Beta
Originally posted by The Aviator:
Make sure to read everything the devs have posted before thinking this is some tactic. They've stated that Early Access for Pre-Orders was a thing ever since they announced the beta

The point I think he's making is that it's not an "open" beta, when you literally close it off to people who haven't bought the game or have paid for a related subscription service. Like previous years, it should have been announced as a 2-day closed beta, which is what it is, followed by a 2-day open beta. EA did this intentionally to hopefully trick people into downloading the game, realizing they can't play, and then pre-ordering it so that they can get in. Considering the amount of posts I've seen like this one, it proved to be a successful ploy...
Oct 6 @ 9:44pm
In topic Bait and switch "OPEN" Beta
It's not steams fault, they're just the distributor. Blame EA. ♥♥♥♥, conniving business practices is what they know best.
It probably doesn't help that it takes a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ light-year to pick someone up. You have to stand on top of them and perform a 8 second animation. That's aids.
I've been thinking the exact same thing
Oct 6 @ 3:47pm
In topic Open beta...for those who pay.
Originally posted by Pascal 4x4:
you dumb dumb, open beta for everyone starts 8th until 10th.

dont hate on a game just cause you dont know the dates

I mean, the word play was intentional from EA. "Open beta", is not exactly an open beta when you close it to anyone who hasn't pre-ordered the game or paid for an EA/xbox subscription. It's EA being scummy again, trying to trap people like this guy into pre-ordering the game to play something that's supposedly "open" already.
Oct 5 @ 10:04pm
In topic Scream Fortress XIII has arrived!
And no bot fix, how am I not surprised...
Thanks for reminding me so I can swap my review to negative.
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