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317.6 hrs last two weeks / 13,346.3 hrs on record (10,530.5 hrs at review time)
Posted: Jul 20 @ 11:59am

It gets repetitive after a while I guess...
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Massulan Aug 6 @ 10:48am 
Ah, mystery solved.
cactus_jack Aug 6 @ 10:12am 
He is using https://steamtimeidler.com/?referrer=tirone to idle his hours. Your PC can be turned off and you will still get hours lol
Duc P Aug 5 @ 11:38pm 
No kidding?
DEVGRU Aug 4 @ 10:50pm 
Even if he keeps it going in the background thats still impressive. What he just dedicated his computer to constantly have this game running? Fucking madman
Slick Aug 4 @ 3:30am 
he keeps it running in the background so the clock keeps ticking. 325.4 hours in past works is 13+ days... he has to sleep, eat, and shit.
NuK3 Aug 4 @ 2:12am 
R u f*n kiddin me ? 10.870 hours ??? U have no life don't u m8? lol