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I like to play/develop video games, and tinker with Linux.

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Great game! Maybe gameplay isn't very exciting, even repetitive sometimes, but it really makes you feel like a merchant, mercenary or smuggler (or whoever you choose to be) living their routine days!

You can wander alone or create your own fleet with dozens of deadly warships. There are more than 100(!) unique spaceships and lots of outfits to tune your ships with. It is interesting to think about how to make the best layout, how to push as much stuff to your ship as possible, because space is always limited.

I like spending half an hour planning my route through the galaxy so I can grab as many jobs as I can and resell goods for the best price while I am at it.

I really like how every planet/station has its own picture, story and description; makes it feel more real. Trading prices and jobs are always relevant to a planet which is cool too. The game is full of interesting and unique quests; just hang out in spaceports and you'll always find some! There are several storylines, though only one is finished at the moment.

The game is open source, and easily extendable. You can install/create plugins, and contribute to the game yourself. It is something you can't usually get for money, and this game gives it for free!

Note: The Steam version is good but outdated. I recommend to get the latest version of the game from nightly builds or build one yourself, though it might be a little tricky on Windows. The game is under constant development; I pull updates from the GitHub repository[] every day or two.

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