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Jun 18 @ 2:22pm
In topic Day 3 frustration
It's not a big deal really, I love this game a lot and completed it twice since then.
Thank you for creating great experience Scriptwelder.

Playing first time I didn't figured where to find nails actually so was getting fuel by walking across gap, always had a spare full canister just in case. That's one of main reasons in what's happened it seems: long walk to the city and back and not much riding between cabin in the woods and house so there was no need to get fuel.
Jun 18 @ 7:13am
In topic Day 3 frustration
It was about Sarge's people, at thunderstorm day. As I already visted location that day I didn't expected it can change after visit to the city and spent whole day at other areas looking for anything. And I used all plastic wrapping versus locusts so had no means to survive that day.

It's just was unexpected, to get location's second change at same day/level/chapter, unexpected from perspective of usual old poin'n'click rules, and no any signs outside the location that it's happened or could happen.
IIRC it's the only case of second change in this game too.

It's totally not big deal. Just causes some frustration when you get caught by it, especially if there already no other option left than replay a day.

It's actually pretty nice as it's kicking out of comfort zone and makes one more cautious; though there no other such surprises later to be prepared to after this one.
Jun 16 @ 11:42am
In topic Day 3 frustration
Oh come'on, there was nothing indicated that I must visit same location second time at same day to find it different, there's just 1:30 left before storm when I read about it in guide after getting game over. Why must I cry :steamsad:

Maybe mistake was to visit this location first at that day (knowing that it will be more accessible), before checking place Cate asked to check, but still.:steamsad:

Such good game but such a bad surprise. Only way is to replay whole day now it seems with all the same choices to see where it leads but not losing time thinking that visited every location this day already.
Maybe you not supposed to sit and play as close to 4K tv as you are?
What if you take a controller and sit on the chair 2-3 meters away?
Originally posted by Hekateras:
I'm really hoping Klei does some kind of promotion for the 5 year anniversary next year
promotional controller support pls :steamsad:
Feb 23 @ 7:37pm
In topic Oversight (Rocket Platform)
it was discussed a bit before, but seems to not was considered too big of an issue (imo seeing Black's struggle after 1st part repeating over and over with every attempt getting old and anticlimactic quickly and it harms emotional impact a lot), now when game ported to switch etc it could be too late for changing all versions
you sure skipped a part =/
can't remember order but you should had find keys and freed them before getting in upper part
I hope you fixed/beat it since then
There noone else on the planet had power to do it as far as One Concern knows (and who is not in the city or anywhere else far away). Royal in area and this happening is like 2+2. At minimum a prime suspect.
Also he had no idea that there something wrong with thing he did so he very likely just reported it himself.

>>A signale flare is more for visual confirmation, which should be next to useless because it's only visible for a few seconds.
Imo it's sort of storytelling tool to tell player that signal was sent, no need to put in there much thoughts about physics or light behaviour, from lore-side it can be whatever pulse of energy or sort of radio transmission, primarily it illustrates its part of story in good quick and not affecting pacing or ruining moment way
Jan 3 @ 3:52am
In topic What's with the crap ending?
Wow, sounds great, somehow I was overlooking "child getting freedom from parent" motive until now. Coming of age story.
It's all make sense now!

(But it could mean that Incognita could be not as bad until final mission damage, just wanted more independence and less memory wipes, not necessary planned much genocide initially)
Jan 3 @ 3:42am
In topic Really enjoying the game but...
>>Feel like I'm overusing raiper as well

That's very nice to hear, usually people not likes Rapier much :steamhappy:
Seeing people more enjoying less popular strategies is inspiring.
Nov 23, 2018 @ 4:13pm
In topic The Best Developer Award
Game of the Year.
Sep 23, 2018 @ 7:17am
In topic Stolen assets?
oh shi, you right, such a lazy stealing bastards eh =0
Sep 23, 2018 @ 6:32am
In topic Is Internationale a Mandatory Pick?
git gud
I mean play, have fun, lose, win, you'll get better in process
Sep 23, 2018 @ 6:20am
In topic Stolen assets?
Here's a comparison pic so you can see that they NOT identical:
They do quite likely based their assets design on II props, plus both got inspiration from retro sci-fi designs, but you can see that with different angle projection it's easier to draw new one (form is really simple) than stretch and edit one from II (mind that it's flat 2d sprites, not 3d model that you can rotate whatever you like)
Consoles also have samey design with different color scheme etc. That's design copying, not assets stealing (which is also not very cool but hardly as criminal) but again in many ways that's designs that took a lot from old sci-fi movies.
Sep 23, 2018 @ 6:09am
In topic Stolen assets?
can't detect there anything like database blue thing that decker is next to on screenshot.
you meant this one datanank blue thing maybe?
Aug 27, 2018 @ 5:41am
In topic Giuseppe
Jul 28, 2018 @ 10:00am
In topic Extract Sound Effects
yes, you can find link on II fan discord and I just put it here:
Jul 19, 2018 @ 11:30pm
In topic What?
Idk about others, but I don't want to give you a key, sorry.
Originally posted by Redcastle:
That's hard to buying. cuz

the last one that send mail. is not devs

kor trans team were the last one that send e-mail.

and told that they can clear out the ownership of trans.
That's looks like misunderstanding, in English in last email mr.Bada clearly saying "Yes, I'm the owner of that translation (There are 3 translators and we co-own it). but it's process been terminated since you guys announced about Korean support."

Maybe that's not what was meant to say but in English it clearly means that he and his associates stopped work on translation after announce. So there's nothing to RedHook to buy from them, as "process terminated".
Maybe if any or both sides used different wording or made suggestion to other it could work differently, but it happened as it happened.
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