Dreaming Dragon
United States
Quake: Co-Founder #1 NA CTF Clan Havoc [www.teamliquid.net]
Quake: Starter/Tactician #1 NA DM Clan Knightmare km jerk [web.archive.org]
Clan Knightmare in Urban Dictionary [www.urbandictionary.com]
Quake CTF Clans and Tournaments History [web.archive.org]
Quake 2: Placed 2nd in CompUSA/Comcast USA Singles [www.baltimoresun.com]
Tribes: Ranked 1st CAL-Invite in Clan Gib
Day of Defeat: Ranked 1st/2nd CAL-Invite in Clan CosaNostra
Asheron's Call - Monarch of the largest early archer/mage Monarchy
Dark Age of Camelot - Guild Blackthornes - 1st guild to 1 million PvP Realm Points, 10 million PvP RP, and 50 million PvP RP.
WoW - One of the first guilds to finish all of the 40 person raids in MC, BWL, AQ40, and Naxx.
Microprose - QA/Assistant Design/Multiplayer Consultant on Civilization 2 Multiplayer, Magic The Gathering, M1 Tank Platoon 2, X-Com Interceptor, and Klingons.
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