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I wont normally write a review, but here it goes. AND FYI, this is from my heart and not those who write 5 word sentence saying its good or bad. Lemme explain this review from personal to a legit review.

< The Hackers and Trolls>
The game itself is extraordinary good potential, but the amount of hatred for both hackers and trolls in this game frustrates me to the point i longer play this game. Like hackers for example put bots in casual and name the bots after the racist name for black people and so on. It doesnt help that Valve doesnt update this game, for instance the jungle inferno update hasn't been update for almost 4 years. And the fact that people still goes on casual where the bots live at makes me feel bad for them(as of them i mean players). This is actually my childhood game that was mostly the depressing time since there were trolls that made fun of me just because of my voice. But, heres the funny part, they calling players kids are kids themselves, how does that make sense? Well idk, they are just mostly depressed and taking there anger out of innocent players making the game worse. AS for stereotypes such as "furries" and "weebs".It makes the tf2 community look like that bully in school that makes fun of people who want to be something special.

What am I basically sayin is that not only the tf2 community but every gaming community has stereotypes for everything and that they dont give a crap about you and they just want to make fun because of giggles.

<The Special Community>
Lets focus on the positive part, like i said about the flaws of the gaming community, the tf2 one is very special to me on the POSITIVE part. The animation community like tf2 air 2 or weird soldier by crazyscoutfin makes me laugh in a good way. I love the word sos and spaps because they are uniquely funny to me. ANd my very favorite video is soldier's dispenser 5. Like from any other game who thinks sos and spaps originally came from. That is what it makes so special about tf2 animations is that there soo uniquely funny to others.

Inn conclusion, the gameplay itself is actually depressing since it has its glory days, and what i meant by that is that it isnt dying, but getting less popular because of less updates and more hackers and trolls. But the animation however is very special and will go on. If you want to play this game i wouldnt recommend it, HOWEVER play like tf2 classic or open fortress since it has more updates than tf2 itself.

If u read to this point, im very thankful that u read this very carefully and interested. I will allow comments based on the communitys opinions, however toxicity will get deleted. As always, thank u for understanding
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