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Linux is a superior OS that is completely Free! I live and work in a Linux universe. If you have an Android device, so do you! Join me in an OS revolution and switch to Linux.

The problem with gaming on Linux is that companies are not supporting Linux these days. It was looking like Linux would take over gaming, but that simply isn't the case anymore.

Oh and if you want true freedom in gaming, choose boardgames/tabletop games. Its trivial business to modify these games because the source code is always available (rule books are just printed things). Buy a 2D printer and a 3D printer and then you can make any boardgame/tabletop game on the market. Extend it to your hearts content. That is something that Steam Games will NEVER provide you.

I personally have switched to playing the Nintendo Switch. Steam is filled with garbage games that are littered with loot boxes and micro-transactions. The 'good' games or gems are difficult to find and I simply don't have the time to slug through the trash to find them. And even when I find them, most likely, they do not run natively on Linux.

There is proton and wine, but I have spend 2 decades wasting hours on this technology only to find the gameplay experience to be sub-par. A game could work well 1 minute and after an update be utterly unplayable. That is the type of instability that wine/proton offers.

Nintendo as a company actually has morals. The Nintendo Switch store has really good games on it with only a few garbage tier games (mostly mobile ports). All of the Nintendo branded games are safe to play for children and adults alike. Playing games on the Nintendo switch is a breath of fresh air.

The graphics are great, its portable so can easily pick up and play on the go, and it just works without having to mess around with graphical setting, configurations, etc.

I certainly prefer the freedoms offered by Linux but the PC gaming market right now is failing the consumers. They aren't building for Linux. And they are building in the garbage micro-transactions and loot boxes. This is why I choose Nintendo even though its a walled garden.
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