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Originally posted by night4:
Originally posted by dulany67:

TB and RTwP encounter design is fundamentally different. Combat balanced for RTwP, but played with TB is not as good as combat balanced for TB. Owlcat has stated that the game will be balanced for RTwP. If there were no difference in balancing RT and TB encounters, they wouldn't have made that statement, right?

I can't be any more clear.

Though you're using the word "balance" here, I feel like we're still arguing 2 different things. It seems you're talking about designing combat around what you personally think makes turn based good to you... While I'm saying that because real time PK is directly adapted from turn based, it works fine either way, objectively. We're kind of missing each other here.

No. Encounter design and balance are different for turn-based and active pause game-play due to the different characteristics of these systems in how they handle time, concurrency, cpu time and some other technical considerarions.

It's got nothing to do with the underlying ruleset which is the same for both.

It's got nothing to do with what dulany67 thinks is or isn't fun.
Jul 9 @ 3:27pm
In topic Being murdered for being helpful.
Such is the struggle of freelance killers

Kill people you weren't supposed to kill and people get all upset for some reason. Weird.
Jul 8 @ 5:39am
In topic Very excited and now very frustrated
There are suggestions the game doesn't work if you install it to Program Files, and that you must use a Steam Library folder.

I happen to have the game installed in a Steam Library folder and I have been able to run it since buying it yesterday, so hope is perhaps not lost.
Jul 3 @ 3:40am
In topic 27 hours to fully upgrade space suit?
Who does this actually have an effect on in Elite: Dangerous, though? A game where you can choose whether to grind or not?

If you like to grind so you grind, 27 hours is hardly sufficient investment of time.

If you don't like grind so you don't grind, your upgrades will come through "some" hours of just playing and having fun

If you don't like grind and you do grind, in Elite where you do not have to, no offense but doesn't that sound a bit like a "you problem"?
Jul 2 @ 5:50am
In topic Steam reviews are so odd
Originally posted by Rage:
I've been watching this game on and off to see how it fares. Started off low then rose to 53% at 1600~ reviews. Now almost 1k reviews later and the % hasn't moved. What are the chances that the aggregate would not move even a SINGLE percent. Seems kinda off to me..

Looking at the number of reviews collated for the score a few times, it seems to correspond exactly to "steam purchases in all languages". This would make a lot of sense for Valve to do, because unscrupulous developers and review bombers have been known to game the system with directly given or grey market keys. For that matter it wouldn't be surprising if these tended to be skewed to one language.

It leaves an excess of several hundred reviews, perhaps that is where the majority of the reviews are coming in that would change the score.
Jun 24 @ 11:55am
In topic Dont support this
There are people who would sell their cat for just one sign of life from eg Medieval or Empire.

Only having one massive game and another one being made, that actually seems pretty good and not a tragedy to be devastated about.
Jun 21 @ 3:27pm
In topic Jurassic World Evolution 2 Coming 2021
Originally posted by Hyen《A》♧:
Originally posted by Harry Nurpplez:
So there should never be a sequel to any game ever? Yeah sure that's logical. s/
If the new game is the same thing but with aquatic and flying dinosaurs, there really is no point in selling us an overpriced DLC. Of course there may be plenty of changes to the way the game works but even then most people who played the first can't help but feel this was the experience the first game should have gotten.?

...and then if it was DLC, this will be stuff that "should have" been in the main game.

Truth be told "should have" about a release a long time ago doesn't pay bills today, so a new purchase has to happen every now and then to get new work done. Doesn't exactly make them EA.
It isn't really all that good, I'm afraid. Worse than Warhammer, Thrones and all of the older history games.

I think if you were really keen on the setting and only cared about the campaign, it would be alright.

The battles do not really feature battlefield tactics in any sense. There are perfectly plausible historical and mythological reasons for this to be the case - forces are essentially a swarm of zerg-like soldiers surrounding mythical units of 1 giant hero each that could fight the battles on their own anyway, and frankly that's sort of what you'd expect from a game in the setting.

The tactical gamer can get about 5 minutes of fun playing with positioning because the maps are actually rather good, but that's about it.

It also doesn't know where it wants to be a historical game and where it wants to be grounded in myth, and at just about every fork in the road makes a bad choice. Carefully picked and positioned infantry unit? Doesn't matter because myth, watch a hero smoosh them all. See a "minotaur" on the field? Well don't zoom in because it's a man in a hat - I mean I ask you, a "historically accurate" minotaur in a game where every named individual combatant is 12 feet tall and can personally fight off an army. Initially it all seems like nonsense but then it becomes obvious they did the cheapest thing in each case eg: man in hat takes no modelling, heroes are just what they already had for the china game, etc.

Every now and then CA seems to (momentarily) remember the fans that bought the Shogun, Rome and Medieval games and toss them some leftovers from whatever they've got going on at the time. It's fine if you don't mind that, but Troy is one of those games. A shower of crumbs from the table.
Jun 17 @ 4:31pm
In topic Performance didn't improve since release
The performance you describe is not normal even for this game before/at release, let alone now.

If you can rule out a local issue, you need to create a ticket over on the Frontier website to get it fixed. 10fps is NOT the game just doing its best and never hitting 11, that is a support issue or a quite specific, serious bug. Even if it is a local issue you can't identify, Frontier might be able to 2hen you provide a dxdiag etc.
Originally posted by ShelLuser:
So I just gave the new patch a try and well... I'm going to take an extensive break from E.D. for a while because with this patch they actually managed to break a rather important feature to me while also claiming that they fixed stuff. I am not happy.

I was in the middle of a passenger run and today I started noticing that my ship wouldn't move after I had entered a system. It has a supercruise assist and I am very used to pressing 'c' to go to 50% thrust. First I assumed that I was hitting the wrong key because when I came out of FSS it worked normally. But nope...

Further inspection learned me that after entering a system my thrust controls are now unresponsive for 3 - 5 seconds. I can't power up, I can't go to 50% I can't do anything. The heck?!

This may sound like a non-issue to some of you, fair enough, but I am an explorer and making 200 - 300 jumps in one session is a thing for me. 300 x 4 seconds delay = 1200 seconds, divided by 60 makes that 20 minutes extra delay in jumping between systems!

What. The. Heck?!!

I'm mostly landing on planets at the moment (which is just bloody awesome tbf) but I hope that ^ doesn't become a thing. Having the ship controls wrested from you when you've got your jump n scoop on is not an idea that appeals.
Jun 17 @ 4:55am
In topic Did Odyssey kill the game?
Originally posted by Lankester Merrin:
Oh please

EDO is such an utter shambles that it may very well mark the end of ED
Really there is little difference from Horizons.

The hatred for Horizons was quite intense as well, Mostly or Overwhelmingly Negative on the Steam Store, people having their enjoyment buried in bugs, tears and tiaras on the forums, "this will be the end of Elite mark my words" etc.

All meaningless in the end, a lot of people have ended up playing Horizons and It's pretty bloody great. Hopefully the same will be true for Odyssey.
I'd say wait a bit if you want the polished experience - as with Horizons, buying in late in the season will have its rewards.

Currently it is as bad as some people say, and not as bad as some others say. Certainly there are some upset chaps who are getting... a bit carried away and saying things that aren't, well, true, but that doesn't take away from the fact that the release was bad and the public apology was warranted.

I'd describe it as like an early beta of something really good. In the alpha where the bugs were much worse the majority of people were still misunderstanding the gameplay at least once and thinking it was broken in the (rare) moments when it wasn't - I see a lot of that now it is released.

It is not done. It is not unplayable. I'm enjoying the on-foot gameplay, and I'm seeing glitches and UI weirdness frequently.
Originally posted by ArtemisHunt:
Originally posted by Hobo Misanthropus:
Minimum Specs aren't fraud either. They make no promise of performance, all minimum specs mean is that this is the hardware level that FD has validated and supports for compatibility. Minimum specs is the difference between being able to escalate your ticket beyond submitting a DXdiag and getting a canned response saying "Unfortunately, you do not meet minimum specifications"

The game didn't run on recommended specs, let alone minimum specs on release. Not being a functional product as advertised at the point of sale is grounds for fraud litigation and I would not be surprised if it's already in the works. This wasn't a random one-off. Many people with machines far superior to the one in recommended specs were unable to play the game. This means they were defrauded. They were a sold a product that would not work on their machines even though the product was advertised as being able to do so.

You're talking about defects, in a software product which does exist, is demonstrably useable/enjoyable for a proportion of the people who bought it, and is receiving patches to make good as we speak because the vendor acknowledges the problems.

If you think shipping software that has defects and then acting to fix those defects post release is "fraud", I suggest you start making a list of all the software companies that have committed this crime, sign it, date it, and have your lawyer post it in the nearest trash can.
Jun 16 @ 5:27am
In topic Did Odyssey kill the game?
Originally posted by Razved:
I bought an Odyssey and played it for a couple of weeks, but now I'm playing Horizons. Not only because the gameplay in the new dlc is terrible, meaningless, bugged, and, in fact, does not relate to the main game in any way, but also because Odyssey breaks the game itself. I am annoyed by errors related to the lack of old signals on the planets, the inability to improve old modifications from engineers, frequent disconnects, and poor localization. At the same time, the developers do not even say that they are going to change the very concept of the add-on, but only work on fixing bugs and improving the UI. They only state that they will work more with the community. But this is just ridiculous, they even forgot much of what the community asked for when they launched Horizons. It looks like in the next 6-12 months Odyssey will become less bugged but will remain the same stupid waste of time

I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm enjoying Odyssey, and look forward to them fixing the bugs and expanding on the gameplay.

Horizons, which you have returned to as the more fulfilling experience, was the same when it came out. So maybe there is something you can look forward to.
Jun 16 @ 12:48am
In topic Did Odyssey kill the game?
Horizons had problems at release, it got review bombed at release, it is excellent.

There's nothing to suggest Odyssey will be any different, assuming FD can once again weather the storm and keep working on it.
Originally posted by wolf:
Originally posted by Zoid:
I don't fear change, and I make allowances for needed patches, but if I have to do extra clicks now for each planet, ship etc where I didn't before, that isn't just different, it's worse.

I think that msg already hit the office and it's being tweaked.

In patch 2 you needed to

. load the map
. hit bookmarks
. hit manage bookmarks
. hit the actual bookmark
. move cursor to the other side of the map and hit plot route

close map

But already here in patch 3 you are down to

. load map
. hit bookmarks
. hold on actual bookmark

close map

So someone's actually listening back there

Yep I agree, they have lessened the number of redundant clickery a bit in this patch. More work to do, for sure, but it's a start.

After reading the posts here thought I would give the map a chance and took it exploring, even though it has been crashing a lot for me lately.

In some ways the map is a bit better than before, actually - search and visited stars are working nicely and it enabled me to find some places I discovered on previous runs with only partial/nearby names remembered.

Of course... maybe it's because it hardly crashed at all today that I take a more positive view.

The system map suffers from extraclickitis, much like other parts of the UI people have mentioned.

I don't fear change, and I make allowances for needed patches, but if I have to do extra clicks now for each planet, ship etc where I didn't before, that isn't just different, it's worse.

I like Odyssey when it isn't crashing, but I don't want to dread large numbers of planets or ships/customizations in the game, these are supposed to be fun bits.
I wasn't having crashes until this patch. now I have them all the time.
Jun 14 @ 1:49pm
I think ship interiors are a bit important for in-person boarding and combat in ships.

I'd hate to suggest to Frontier they should do ship interiors before proper atmospheric planets where we can fly / land / drive / walk.
Jun 14 @ 1:42pm
In topic Stellaris. Where's the game ?
Originally posted by Lance:
Originally posted by Zoid:
What you're describing is Sword of the Stars. It exists, but it's a bit old and the developer doesn't seem likely to make any more.

They're not making any more because Sword of the Stars II was complete garbage and for all practical purposed killed the company. The original game was actually pretty good though.

Yeah, the decision to end that story arc worked out quite nicely for Stellaris, too. By happy coincidence, of course.
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