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FORINSOMNIA   United States

Highlander Experience:
UGC Silver Season 33 Participant (Sub Spy)
RGL Newcomer Season 10 Participant (Sub Spy)
RGL Newcomer Season 11 Participant (Main Spy)
RGL Amateur Season 11 Participant (Main Spy)
RGL Amateur Season 13 Participant - 4th Place (Main Spy)

Looking for an IM/Low Main team for RGL Season 14, so dm me if you want me for tryouts.

Discord: obser#7876
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flub Jan 17 @ 5:38pm 
fought you on surf_autumnal a bunch cool dude tryna be like you
chattey Jan 9 @ 6:54pm 
Cyanide Jan 2 @ 9:42pm 
Fake hours, over 6000+ hours AFK'd
Trollface Jan 2 @ 8:25am 
This guy do not change name for 1 milisecond (impossible)
xcd859 Jan 2 @ 8:24am 
i saw your maining spy.. i gota say ure just like all the rest interp abuse so cool bro and wouldn t you know another kunai dead ringer ♥♥♥♥.. u know tf2 isnt hard game if u actualy tried to get good and not relies on a crutch.. im mean do u take the easy route in eveything you ♥♥♥♥♥♥ do in life?? my sniper rifle has 2000 kills.. u ever play sniper?? of course not becase its too hard for u to even consider.i bet you're subed to all the main spy youtubers too, just so u know u can keep dreaming buddy swipez has always been the best spy player and hes good at hard stuff too like demonkight. u guys all are the same,, u all worship klown like hes was the 2nd coming of christ. i bet u even have some god awful config. "config bro?? lmao just get good at the game without exploting how the game was meant to be played. its just doesnt sit right w me knowing theres sum garbage twerps like u who are probaly convinced ur sooo good at the game, so take what i told u and sleep on it think about it
1433587882375768731 Dec 31, 2022 @ 9:35pm 
i agree