TF2G+ Trading Bot
United States
Please read, this is not a scammer/phisher account!

Note: If you are experiencing trouble with trade offers, please initiate a regular trade.
Offers go here:

This bot will send trade offers to the winners of the giveaways on the Google+ TF2 community. If you get a friend request from this account that is most likely the reason. It will add you first, then send you the offer once you've accepted. This is done due to some of Steam's limitations. You can also send metal/keys through a trade offer as donations for the giveaway. Put your Google+ name in the description section of the trade offer if you'd like to receive special acknowledgments! (Alternatively, you may use a manual trade.)

Programmed by James Shiffer
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So currently it's sitting at 51 days offline. Somethin' ain't adding up here
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