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No Rush

The theme of the game.

Puzzle Master

Pushed a block where it needed to be.


Witnessed the righteous fury of Sir Corv.

Golden Hat

Expensive headwear.

Met Them

"What a novelty you are."

Gone Fishing

He pinch.

Bunny Enthusiast

Pet every bunny in every town.



Brian's Blasters

"Come on down to Brian's Blasters: you'll love the way you blast."

Delivery Service

Shipping and handling not included.

Rose Garden

Picked roses for the princess.

Center of Town

Planted flowers.


Filled the museum with priceless artifacts.

Pet Ownership

Made a small friend.

For Science

Quadrupled the opportunity for science.

Silkgem Depths

Reached the lowest level of the Silkgem Mines.

Live Music

Attended a concert of three best friends.

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