"Anime is what you get if you blame a country too much for WW2." ~ SneakyShooter(Fritz) <------(I used to know this guy lmao)

"is there a pride flag for grey-asexuals? Because I dunno if I count as a grey-ace."
- somebody on twitter lol
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Welcome to the profile.

I did this personality test and I got the INFP, -A/-T result
try it here

I enjoy RPG games/strategy games (such as Warcraft 3 and CoH 1 and 2), some FPS games and many others that are either calm or make me use my brain a little.

Some of my favourite anime would be Made in Abyss (currently only 1 season), Psycho Pass and Steins;Gate. If you can't already tell I'm into sci-fi/fantasy/cool stuff that modern tv doesn't bring out much of nowadays :( (but it doesn't matter cause we got internet).
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Enjoyable little RPG with added self-awareness and satirical jokes. Good to kill your time with 👍

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