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Psychology & Linguistics graduate. Former editor. Piano teacher. :sakurachan:
I also compose & perform []. :DyingPiano::quavers2::playmusic:
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"Live one meditative day well, with morality, wisdom and goodness, rather than a hundred years badly."
- Buddha :Cubway_Buddha:


放个招财猫看能不能发达 :luckycat:


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:vleft: 24 May 2018 :vright: - Many apologies for my silence on Steam in the past 1.5 months or so. My father died in April and I haven't had the time, energy or mood to deal with anything other than work. :pallysad: I might also have missed messages you sent me on Steam, thanks to Steam's broken chat system. :will_poo: If you have my mobile number & WhatsApp, use that to message me instead. :amazedhitomi: Thanks for your understanding! :bhheart: 抱歉前一个多月没什么上Steam…… 我父亲四月份去世,办完丧事后没什么心情和精力做什么事。:Chen_Yu_Contempt: 若有发信息给我我没回复,可能是没收到,因为Steam又坏掉啦。:unipoop: 有我手机号码的话,可使用微信与我联络。:amaya2: 感谢谅解!:wlheart:
MasterOfShit Oct 8 @ 6:03am 
KoKINGoK Oct 7 @ 4:10am 
Happy Sunday-Funday
kflo Oct 6 @ 4:33pm 
PS, although very different, I would highly recommend checking out "80 Days": -- a fantastic text adventure.
kflo Oct 6 @ 4:27pm 
I have played Thimbleweed Park and really enjoyed it. If you haven't played some of the old LucasArts games definitely check out the remastered versions of Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island!
Seed Vault Pilgrim Oct 5 @ 2:02pm 
Hi there Ammy. I've been so quiet these past few months; asocial is a bit closer to the truth. I think about you, and wonder how things are with you. I hope that you're happy, and busy with your piano concerts/students. I bet you're appreciating the new changes to Steam client.
(Hug, handshake, or high-five: you choose) **waves at you**
KoKINGoK Sep 24 @ 3:13am 
I bid thee good day, good day