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One time I played Golf and finished the round with over a thousand points. I looked it up in the book of world records, nobody is even close to my high-score.
If I came across you in an MvM match...
I don't mind too much the class you pick just please F4 at your earliest convenience.

Also stop being a metard and trying to change everyone's team comp just because some you saw a video on youtube

If you're unsure about what class to play or what upgrades you're more than welcome to ask for help

Had a bad MvM experience? Leave a comment or add me to have a discussion about it.
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☽Jones☾ Mar 27 @ 9:42am 
Last online 85 years ago, still better than 90% people online
Truffle Melter Mar 24 @ 7:42am 
+rep (is that a thing people still do?) came in clutch for a trade
Chrstin Mar 24 @ 7:06am 
offline mode enjoyer :steamhappy:
Truffle Melter Mar 24 @ 6:22am 
Added to discuss sinister vvfp leathers
ThySirBlue Mar 17 @ 5:53pm 
Added to make an offer
gleorge Mar 17 @ 12:04am 
i have sex with feMALES