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Information about me and settings
Nickname: Sowalio
Name: Maxim Beketov
From: Russia, Saint Peterburg
Age: 19

Resolution: 1280x1024(4:3)
Sense in game: 1.5
Windows sense: m_rawinput 1
DPI: 800

Startup settings

-novid -console -high -freq 240

Bucky Jun 3 @ 9:05am 
hello matchfixer, how much many do u get after this big script?
and professional players are they shame after scam game?
Kyo Jun 3 @ 9:00am 
wait a ban match fixer stupid Your entire team will be held accountable by the local police in Russia and Kazakhstan
Gump1000 May 26 @ 6:56pm 
Can you sign my profile please :) :Big_Heart:
МАКТРАХЕР May 25 @ 2:12pm 
Sign pls :):steamhappy:
fist May 6 @ 10:35am 
макс, можно роспись плиз?
Kapitan Kot Apr 30 @ 1:12am 
dodaj prosze, mam sprawe