Jaden   Virginia, United States
:bolt::bolt::bolt:Jesus is Lord, Gaben is Dank :bolt::bolt::bolt:
I will be there if you need me
And I know you'll do the same
I can see you, I can hear you in my heart
You will be here if I need you
I will never have to guess
'Cause we are very special friends

Memories you can recall
With me any time of day
You can reach out
You can ask me in your soul
I will answer when you call me
I will come no matter how
'Cause we are very special friends
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There is hope...
Welcome to my profile! :D :D
:bolt::bolt::bolt::bolt::bolt::bolt: Welcome to my profile!!! :bolt::bolt::bolt::bolt::bolt::bolt::bolt:
A little bit about me :3

Name: ZeroPC94, ZeroPC, Zero
Gender Male
Age: 19
Hobbies: Videogames, spending time with friends, going out
Passions: Protecting and caring for my friends, hoping to see peaceful interactions and resolutions without conflict I do not like conflict ... especially between friends
Stuff I like: Sonic, Mega Man X, YuGiOh, Team Fortress 2, Food, Sleeping, Fun with friends, a good night out, cats
Stuff I don't like: Nasty stuff, disturbing images, non peaceful/friendly resolutions, scary dogs, creepy noises in the dark, betrayal, things that can emotionally affect me and the way I interact with others, (ex: a tough work environment)

Games I like to play:

Sonic Games - Because duhh...
Mega Man X - I need to try at least ONE of them before I die
Team Fortress 2 - Especially Panda Jailbreak :P
Paladins: Champions of the Realm - Fun, free Overwatch
Left 4 Dead 2 - Pills
Portal 1, 2, Stories: Mel - Valve games are the bomb for me
Marvel VS Capcom 3 - Very lovable fighting game (Zero, Cap, Vergil :P)
20XX - Ask anyone, they will tell you

Why did I go from Sonic to Zero?
Long story short: Sonic is not a good name in the trading community. Every hat I've ever owned that I traded away was always offered better offers than what I got. After doing research I discovered that because Sonic is not an outstanding Videogame character, people retract from the name. So I have changed it to Zero, to insure I get better offers from better people in the future.

This young girl on November 8th, 2017 saved 9 Weather Masters from being slaughtered and destroyed by several backpacks and brought them to safety in my backpack, where they belong. I was so thankful for her heroic act, I thought I'd post about how great she is in my bio. From this day, she is known as Viky, Hero of the Storms. Thank you for your heroic act. Anyone else who knows of Weather Masters in danger, please send me them to me via "Safety Pods" (trade offers) and if you bring alot, I will be sure to recongnize you as well.

One smile can start a friendship
One word can stop a fight
One look can save a relationship
One hug can spark a hope
One touch can bring a warmth
One whisper can bring assurance
One decision can stop a war
One cooperation can bring abundance
One kiss can bring a kindness
One sleep can bring rest
One wake can bring happiness
One solution can stop the tests
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+10 Rep 11/10 great friend
🌸❤⚡Megumin⚡❤🌸 Aug 17 @ 10:50am 

Type unbind all in your console for a free hat- Zero
M1 Aug 13 @ 3:25pm 
+rep fair and good trader
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+rep fast trader
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Good Pops
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Great attitude. +rep