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+rep very talented artist, artworks is so beautiful! :lovesweetheart:
Hitman Mar 26 @ 10:22am 
:heart_love:+rep is professional artist:heart_love:

:heart_love:YOU ARE EPIC:heart_love:

⠀⠀:2016villain::sedium:         ⠀:sedium::2016villain:
:sedium::biblis::atomical::2016villain:   :2016villain::atomical::biblis::sedium:
:Rubyovo:   :2016villain::atomical::biblis::atomical::2016villain:   :Rubyovo:
:heart_love:   :Rubyovo::sedium::atomical::sedium::Rubyovo:  ⠀:heart_love:
      :Rubyovo:   :2016villain:   :Rubyovo:
      :heart_love:   :Rubyovo:   :heart_love:
★ Basti ★ Mar 26 @ 9:49am 
+rep very good Artwork will definitely be ordering again in the near future
Ramsey Mar 26 @ 5:33am 
highly recommended animation artist :Heartful::lifehope:
Mikass Mar 24 @ 3:14pm 
+rep x2 Thank you again for a very satisfying product! I love how it turned out and now will use it for x years to come lol
Thanks for putting up to with my lack of explaining things etc ;; :armellocrown:
OneLastKiss Mar 24 @ 4:18am 
Received my 7th artwork from this awesome dude. Hope you get better and better! :azuki:
+Rep makes quality work!:heart13:
𝒜𝓂𝑒𝓁𝒾𝒶 Mar 20 @ 11:56pm 
+Rep Thanks for the amazing work!
[RNS] MVP 1tsuki Mar 20 @ 3:28am 
+rep very great artwork, i really love it!!!
will comment again after the second artwork is out!
krazy. Mar 19 @ 4:36pm 
In love with the artwork he made me with almost no information, really helpful with wich image to provide. I will order again for sure ! :Heartyou:
Velsez Mar 19 @ 3:40pm 
I'm absolutely Enthralled with the work this man produced for me.
Patient, Professionalism are all thing's i could describe from this man's work during the time i worked with him +rep.
Scarlizz Mar 17 @ 11:25pm 
+rep ordered 2 artworks from him and what can I say? They look more amazing then I would have ever imagine. Im really happy. He was very patient, helped me with finding the best pictures that would fit. If you ever want to get an animated cool profile design - go for snaws! Its totally worth the price.
Iperx Mar 17 @ 3:32pm 
+rep again such a flawless Artwork, I can only say that snaws will give you the best for your bucks. Might return sooner or later again with new ideas. Good communication as always and imo the best motion artist on Steam.
Satania Mar 15 @ 2:29pm 
+rep Amazing work! Will definitely order again in the future! Highly professional, quality artwork for my steam profile once again!
¡¡ Ēňō.ľã ❤ Mar 14 @ 12:34pm 
Honestly I highly recommend it for your steam design, a clean and successful work with an affordable price☺️😉
吉草葉 Mar 13 @ 5:47pm 
+rep, snaws is very professional and patient during our communication.
When I have an idea, he always has a way to make it better.
100% recommend. Glad to work with him.
N3ur0ph1n Mar 13 @ 6:42am 
I am very satisfied. The first contact went smoothly and very quickly. Everything was explained to me and I was also given a lot of help with my wishes. Since I didn't have a real character at hand, they even helped me with that.

After I had paid and the day I received my order, the approximately agreed period of time passed. So it was exactly within the framework. In the meantime, the contact was also problem-free.

I am really very happy with the end result. The product with all the features is really a lot of money BUT it is worth it. In the end, however, everyone has to decide for themselves.:steamthis::steamthis::steamthis: ♥♥♥

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sadskelli Mar 7 @ 9:31am 
+rep love the artwork, easy to work with, patient, and kind :Speech_Love:
I’m back 7 march from vacation :)
killa Feb 27 @ 2:03pm 
+rep ordered artwork off him a while ago but just remembered now, he was very useful and gave me my artwork fast and detailed just like i asked him to.
zey Feb 23 @ 12:30pm 
+rep i really love my artwork thanks a lot! <3
♥⎛⎝JoferS⎠⎞♥ Feb 22 @ 6:58pm 
+rep best designer i've seen, prolly ima buy this service again :chocola2::heart13:
Iperx Feb 22 @ 1:38pm 
Prob the best Steam Motion Designer that you could ask for.
You'll always receive amazing art and he'll communicate and take care of your wishes and changes.
Lvch Feb 22 @ 8:29am 
Genuinely the best GFX/Motion Designer I have come across. Does such a great job, I will definitely be coming back for more. Thanks!
𝓔𝓵𝓵𝓪 Feb 22 @ 8:28am 
+rep thank you so much! really fantastic work! the best!
Lobelia Feb 21 @ 12:08pm 
+rep, one of the best motion designers, he was very patient with my changes, he did very amazing job, thank you so much! :extralife:
GodLightLux Feb 21 @ 5:38am 
Excellent Art
- Light, 299792458, GodLightLux, The Holy Trinity
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Jurasim Feb 21 @ 4:25am 
Been searching over the past few months for a good artwork designer and I must say I'm very glad I came across snaws. He is the definitely to another level; best designer I've worked with so far and also good customer service.
He's very patient and understanding; when it comes to several decisions, it's very difficult for me to choose one from. We went from one picture to another 'till we find the best ones that fit the profile.
The waiting time for order is pretty long though, but definitely worth the wait; all the expectations were fulfilled.
Thanks again for the three awesome artworks! I'll definitely come back in the future with another orders. I highly recommend him, no doubts! Keep up the good work! :steamthumbsup:
flash Feb 20 @ 7:29am 
+rep very kind person, incredible work and perfect communication ! thank you again (:
HostraX Feb 18 @ 2:18am 
+rep got a great artwork! thank you great service!
Fenniks Feb 17 @ 11:58am 
+rep. Just got my second artwork from snaws. Once again magnificent work, I shall be looking foward to buying more from him :)
MJQ Feb 17 @ 6:40am 
+rep, absolute incredible work. :good: I would say good work takes time!
iDragmire Feb 16 @ 1:50pm 
+rep! thanks for the perfect and amazing artwork :)
Im sleeping Feb 14 @ 6:45pm 
if you are looking for an artwork you should go whit snaws !
Sn0rlax Feb 14 @ 3:11pm 
Very communicative, good work, ty Snaws.
.error Feb 14 @ 1:09pm 
Amazing person and easy to work with on your vision, will definitely be back in the future for more!
Nakastro Feb 14 @ 12:42pm 
Ordered the artwork, came pretty quick. Snaws was really helpful with the finished product and getting it uploaded to the profile - helps alot for newbies like myself. the design is exactly how we planned it out and wanted. Rep+ Thank you.
Walrider Feb 14 @ 9:21am 
Ordered a new artwork. There was a small problem with dividing the artwork into parts, but it was quickly fixed. I like everything, thank you for the work done :steamthumbsup:
Gaylord Gladiator Feb 12 @ 2:21pm 
+rep, thank you for the perfect artwork :)
2013 HEATAH Feb 11 @ 7:57am 
10/10 delivered the work like always :steamthumbsup:, i look forward to ordering more in the future
PodMo Feb 7 @ 11:26pm 
if you need artwork Snaw's is the guy! so happy with how it turned out and looking forward to ordering again!
vencent1300 Feb 7 @ 1:53pm 
Amazing artist and person. He was beyond paitent and his work is sick loll. I will gladly recommend him to anyone and everyone. I will be ordering more artwork from him without hesitation!!!
AUSTINTACIOUS Feb 7 @ 1:23pm 
Many thanks for the artwork you did recently for my profile! It is excellent and I love it. I had one of your first ever creations back in the day a few years ago and would come back again and again! Recommend to all
ⱠƎƝǁẊ Feb 7 @ 4:27am 
an amazing artist, definitely worth the wait. The artwork exceeded all of my expectations and because of this, I will be getting another piece of work. Affordable and worth it! You will not be disappointed!
Zingerz Feb 6 @ 11:53pm 
An incredibly talented artist who goes above and beyond to provide a professional and smooth experience for his customers. This was my first time working with an animator and he has really set the bar high.

Snaws genuinely cares. He made me feel like my time/concerns were valued - patiently answering my questions and providing helpful suggestions along the way. He's very transparent - I commissioned 7 works from him and was provided with a time estimate and a breakdown of how each picture would be animated. He made sure to check in a few times to provide updates/get my opinion on what he was doing. I felt like I was a part of the process which is important to me.

The artwork exceeded all expectations. If you're looking to get something done well, do not hesitate to contact him. His prices are fair for what you get, and the added hospitality he provides makes it all the more worthwhile. No doubt in my mind I'll be back in the near future to finish off my profile :smileboxx:
✨ Zenteia ✨ Feb 6 @ 12:51pm 
this is the fourth time that I order from snaws I sincerely think that he makes the best animations, I want to thank him for this magnificent animation, the prices are very low for what it is. go there with your eyes closed you will not be dissatisfied ! :tinder:
General Kenobi Feb 5 @ 3:27pm 
++rep, love your artwork! and the animation is absolutely perfect, greatly exceeded my already high expectations! Thank you!!!
WaZe Feb 5 @ 8:05am 
I would like to thank you for the great artwork everything was made as i ordered one of the most complex artwork's i really recommend Snaws really helpful! +rep
Thank you for another gorgeous and complex work, the animation turned out beautiful and natural, bright effects added a magical note in the new tenth work, which I ordered from Snaws! Thank you so much - I will definitely order more! I recommend it to everyone - you will not regret it and you will be pleased with his work!:Its_Good::Its_Good::Its_Good::AviciiPixelHeart:
narexa Feb 5 @ 2:14am 
+rep absolutely incredible work, super friendly, patient and even redid the artwork due to steams random max mb limit with no extra cost 10/10 :heartp: