Harjumaa, Estonia
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Some questions anwsered :
Q : Who are you?
A : I'm just a guy from Estonia going by the name of SkullTiger
Q : How old are you?
A : I'm gonna keep that a secret for now
Q : What's your favourite game?
A : As you can probably guess it's Team Fortress 2
Q : What is your favourite class?
A : My favourite class is the pyro(should be obvious). I also really like the soldier
Q : Have you played competitive in a league?
A : Yes I have played a few seasons of competitive. Currently playing in a team called Magnificent Bastards
Q : Where do you make your artwork?
A : All of my artwork has been made using SFM( Source Filmmaker ) and Photoshop
Q : Can you make me a profile picture
A : Anwser is most likely gonna be no unless I've known you for a long time
Q : Are you working on anything right now?
A : Yes but it not artwork related. Current project is a guide I'm writing

DeviantArt page : Link [skullytiger.deviantart.com]
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UGC page : Link [www.ugcleague.com]
Etf2l page : Link [etf2l.org]
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