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bob sanchez : i bought this cool program that allows me to see through walls
Vessdl : blu can i ask you to stay off the cart for ten minutes? we need to perform maintenence
fart bucks : trans rights or something can you go kritz
stacey : im the reason why shampoo has instructions on it
Garry : I want Gabe Newell himself to give me a presentation on how that shot didnt hit
Gromit Mug : apologies for my doodoo asscheek aim
Bloodmasked : i will commit jihad against snipars
*DEAD* jcal : crits are so fare
Brett8086 : Attention! There is a cheater on the other team named oppenheimer fart porn.
Cool Beans : please meet in small red shack for joe biden role play
dart : ur half sister doesnt count
*DEAD* blonded : !nominate pl_tilted_towers
gluglug : 'Demoman'? More like 'Dinnerman' because he delivers meals at reasonable times to your doorstep
Dapper Mann : consider your legs stolen
asmo : i rarely play tf2 with more than one hand
*DEAD* Mariah Carey but swamp n witchy : commit suicise
*DEAD* eyeh : that diamondback got my ♥♥♥♥ soft
Mr. Snik : !nominate ipswich
peso : i installed half life 2 and the game steals character models from skibidi toilet
*DEAD* clvt : green team kick your cheater
money go where i go : the money go where i go
Devourer Of White Phosphorus : Dumbass bot didn't know that 11 of us are humans
spikeee : bruh i just knocked over my rolling tray accepting this match and spilt all mt mix ♥♥♥♥
Zunkster : died in the shooter game, worst day EVER !!!
A Tree : how do you enable haloweed
Iron : Minty i will shove you in my mouth u will keep my breath fresh
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