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Eternity - i50 - 3rd (shaney, Sheekey, Puls3, Powell, CarL)
MALIK - i54 - 7/8th (shaney, Immi, CarL, MiGHTYMAX, InkG)
nerdRage - i57 - 5/6th (shaney, redsnK, Lumji, roma, dream)
Rize Gaming - i58 - 5/6th (shaney, SHEEKEY, JT, Peggyyyyy, Immi)
XENEX - i59 - 5/6th (SHANEY, JT, Peggyyyyy, pickles, Danceyz)
Infused - i60 - 5/6th (SHANEY, SHEEKEY, Lumji, ozzy, pickles)
VEXED.Ebuyer - i61 - 1st (SHANEY, SHEEKEY, Lumji, ozzy, Vanity)
VYE - i37 - 13-16th (shaney, dN`, icebox, vVelocity, ZooL)
Power Gaming - EPS Season 4 - 2nd (shaney, ritch, sliggy, hughsy, neexus, paint, warclown, wez)
FISH123 - Epic.LAN 5 - 3rd (shaney, mikeE, sliggy, Re1ease, keita)
Rasta Gaming - Multiplay i42 - 3rd (shaney, zeo, jakem, nayden, weber)
Team Dignitas - Epic.LAN 6 - 7/8th (shaney, Aleski, choong, RedH, url)
Random mix team - Multiplay i43 - 17-24th (shaney, Tsunami, frenzy, neon, serp-)
Avash's Mix - Epic.LAN 7 - 5/6th (shaney, Avash, jawdink, coolledge, chronic)
Infused - ESWC Qualifier - Somewhere decent (shaney, PEZ, sliggy, zeo, choong)
VYE - i44 - 13-16th (shaney, hendo, HaydeN, Crazysmurf, Cookies)
VYE - Epic.LAN 8 - 3rd (shaney, Crazysmurf, HaydeN, hendo, bOWZAR)
VYE - I45 - 7/8th (shaney, Crazysmurf, sheekey, Puls3, rixj)
GAMEeNigma - Epic.LAN 9 - 4th (shaney, Crazysmurf, Puls3, BOWZAR, CarL)

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PhişeK 16 hours ago 
Hi , I'm ex CSGO Manager and added for friend list
dØm1nØ Sep 18 @ 6:59am 
bro, sign me please <3

FORup Sep 5 @ 4:46pm 
+rep has yellow teeth and is fat and ugly, made me feel better way better about my self

thx bro
go ff Aug 16 @ 8:42am 
sign pls
♥♥♥♥^❤¿ Jul 19 @ 8:10am 
can you sign :*
Viper Jun 30 @ 11:07am 
Hi mate, adding you regarding an ESEA Advanced offer