on a milk carton
sept 10, july 26th
Shamp I’ve discovered a hidden ice cream sandwich in the freezer
I think it’s the last one
I was on the hunt for something to eat
Should I put it back where I found it
I’m not gonna eat it , I just brushed my teeth
Shamp no one is here
I need help
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Strawberry JAM :ojseagull:
+~- Sluppy -~+ Feb 1 @ 2:33am 
-rep he is blatantly walling in casual tf2. I just want to play the game, man. Hope you shape up.
poster Jan 24 @ 3:02pm 
piece of $hit
your disco pickle Jan 12 @ 5:26pm 
hey man new years and happy !
7777777 Jan 1 @ 5:24pm 
happy 2016 ! :rocketrat:
agent 4 Dec 22, 2023 @ 10:23pm 
insecure show hours