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Personal Achievements

Big Teeth

Defeat the Evil Wolf in the Forest
Unlocked May 3 @ 4:27pm

Bear Favor

Defeat the Frightening Bear in the Forest
Unlocked May 3 @ 4:33pm

Total Pigsty

Defeat Pumbaa in the Forest
Unlocked May 3 @ 4:39pm

Get over here!

Defeat Pups in the Laboratory
Unlocked May 3 @ 5:40pm

Expired Prescription

Defeat the Cold Vaccine in the Laboratory
Unlocked May 3 @ 5:46pm

Im melting!

Defeat the Flesh Decomposer in the Laboratory
Unlocked May 3 @ 5:51pm

So this is how its done

Upgrade equipment level
Unlocked May 3 @ 4:41pm


Get equipment of unusual rarity
Unlocked May 3 @ 3:49pm


Get equipment of rare rarity
Unlocked May 3 @ 3:49pm


Get equipment of epic rarity
Unlocked May 3 @ 5:29pm

Step to Greatness

Upgrade hero level
Unlocked May 3 @ 4:39pm

Outstanding Addition

Get hero of epic rarity
Unlocked May 3 @ 3:49pm


Restore the Portal
Unlocked May 3 @ 3:49pm

Blacksmith I

Restore the Forge
Unlocked May 3 @ 3:50pm

Innkeeper I

Restore the Tavern
Unlocked May 3 @ 3:49pm

Mayor I

Restore the Town Hall
Unlocked May 3 @ 3:43pm


Restore the Bank
Unlocked May 3 @ 4:19pm

Trader I

Restore the Market
Unlocked May 3 @ 4:19pm


Kill 10,000 monsters
Unlocked May 3 @ 5:15pm

Broken Sting

Defeat the Queen of Stings in the Forest


Defeat Arachne in the Forest

Wearing Headphones

Defeat Nevilles Mandrake in the Forest

When you chop wood, chips fly

Complete the Forest on hellish difficulty

Rats end is near

Defeat the "Rat Babe" Object in the Laboratory

Are you really a doctor?

Defeat Doctor Fester in the Laboratory

Look both ways

Defeat the "975" Object in the Laboratory

For science!

Complete the Laboratory on hellish difficulty

Herald of Death

Defeat Grimm in the Cemetery

Tomb Raider

Defeat Larry in the Cemetery

Too Many Legs

Defeat the Black Widow in the Cemetery

Youre fired

Defeat the Cursed Gravedigger in the Cemetery


Defeat the Bone Conjurer in the Cemetery

Playing with Death

Defeat the Grim Reaper in the Cemetery

Counted all the bones

Complete the Cemetery on hellish difficulty


Defeat the Infected Mandrake in the Mycelium

Ultrasonic Flight

Defeat the Filthy Wing in the Mycelium

Decayed, but not broken

Defeat the Risen Ancient in the Mycelium

Cluster Eyes

Defeat Pus Matilda in the Mycelium

All-Seeing Eye

Defeat Skoll the All-Seeing in the Mycelium

Father of the Forest

Defeat the Ancient Leshy in the Mycelium

Neglected Mycelium

Complete the Mycelium on hellish difficulty

King of the Dunes

Defeat the Scorpion King in the Dunes


Defeat the Bronze Dragon in the Dunes

Cant look away

Defeat Euryale the Thrice Cursed in the Dunes

And the riddle?

Defeat the Great Manticore in the Dunes

Primitive Fury

Defeat Sotark the Scourge of the Sands in the Dunes

Scales of Balance

Defeat Anubis the God of the Dead in the Dunes

Like sand through fingers

Complete the Dunes on hell difficulty

Ladies first

Defeat Verona in Bran Castle

Bloody Rain

Defeat Alira the Bloodied in Bran Castle


Defeat Marishka in Bran Castle

You again?

Defeat Death in Bran Castle

I am not Vlad

Defeat Prince Vlad in Bran Castle

The Last of the Hunters

Defeat Abraham the Converted in Bran Castle

True Helsing

Complete Bran Castle on hell difficulty

Legendary Weapon

Get weapon of legendary rarity

Mythical Weapon

Get weapon of mythic rarity

Legendary Helmet

Get helmet of legendary rarity

Mythical Helmet

Get helmet of mythic rarity

Legendary Armor

Get armor of legendary rarity

Mythical Armor

Get armor of mythic rarity

Legendary Gloves

Get gloves of legendary rarity

Mythical Gloves

Get gloves of mythic rarity

Legendary Boots

Get boots of legendary rarity

Mythical Boots

Get boots of mythic rarity

Legendary Accessory

Get ring of legendary rarity

Mythical Accessory

Get ring of mythic rarity

Creators Gift

Upgrade equipment level to 100

Great Responsibility

Get hero of legendary rarity

Champion of Singoru

Upgrade hero level to 100

Legion of Heroes

Upgrade 10 heroes to level 50


Upgrade Jeanette to mythic rarity


Upgrade Risha to mythic rarity


Upgrade Truffaldino to mythic rarity


Upgrade Aerin to mythic rarity

Lord of Souls

Upgrade Damian to mythic rarity

Great Warrior

Upgrade Fu Hao to mythic rarity

Combat Geologist

Upgrade Martina to mythic rarity

Supreme Paladin

Upgrade Solaria to mythic rarity

Warrior Queen

Upgrade Zina to mythic rarity

Glory to Science

Upgrade Nicolas to mythic rarity

Eagle Eye

Upgrade Wilhelm to mythic rarity

High Priestess

Upgrade Sister Remoria to mythic rarity


Upgrade Bob the Bonebreaker to mythic rarity

Son of Fire

Upgrade Dancing Flame to mythic rarity

Son of Ice

Upgrade Elusive Ice to mythic rarity

Head of the Coven

Upgrade Midnight Witch to mythic rarity

Angel of Suffering

Upgrade Antonio to mythic rarity

King Bjorn

Upgrade Iron Bjorn to mythic rarity

Dark Prince

Upgrade the Great Nameless to mythic rarity


Upgrade Mysterious Mr. S to mythic rarity

Crossroads Master

Upgrade Alistair to mythic rarity


Upgrade Annette to mythic rarity

Great Alchemist

Upgrade Jabir to mythic rarity

Use the Force

Upgrade Liana to mythic rarity

Blacksmith II

Upgrade the Forge to level 6

Blacksmith III

Upgrade the Forge to level 14

Schmied IV

Upgrade the Forge to level 20

Innkeeper II

Upgrade the Tavern to level 6

Innkeeper III

Upgrade the Tavern to level 14

Innkeeper IV

Upgrade the Tavern to level 20

Mayor II

Upgrade the Town Hall to level 6

Mayor III

Upgrade the Town Hall to level 14

Mayor IV

Upgrade the Town Hall to level 20

Trader II

Upgrade the Market to level 6

Trader III

Upgrade the Market to level 14

Trader IV

Upgrade the Market to level 20


Kill 50,000 monsters


Kill 100,000 monsters


Kill 500,000 monsters

They Fear Only You

Kill 1,000,000 monsters

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