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First Taste of Freedom

Escaped the bonds of slavery.
Unlocked Mar 24 @ 12:38pm


Regained your memories of receiving the Arisen's charge.
Unlocked Mar 24 @ 3:32pm

Seat of the Proxy

Arrived in Vernworth.
Unlocked Mar 24 @ 3:32pm

Just a Stone's Throw Away

Used a Ferrystone.
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 5:57am

A Pawn of Many Talents

Taught your pawn a specialization.
Unlocked Mar 24 @ 3:49pm

Wish upon the Rift

Set a pawn quest.
Unlocked Mar 24 @ 3:59pm

Across the Border

Passed through the gate at the border.


Became Sovran of Vernworth.


Experienced the end of the cycle.


Changed your vocation.

Duo Destinies

Changed your vocation to mystic spearhand.

Trickster of the Trade

Changed your vocation to trickster.

Arrows and Incantations

Changed your vocation to magick archer.

Jack of All Trades, Master of...All Trades

Changed your vocation to warfarer.

An In-Tents Adventure

Went camping.

A House? In This Economy?

Purchased a dwelling of your own.

One Speed Only

Boarded an oxcart.

The Savior

Used a Wakestone to restore the dead to life.

A Badge of Honor

Acquired a pawn badge.

Gigantus, I Hardly Knew Ye

Defeated the gigantus in a short span of time.

Full Marks

Found a solution to every conundrum posed by the goddess of riddles.

Off with Its Head!

Decapitated a medusa.

Master of the Maisters

Acquired every maister's teaching.

The Specialist

Reached the maximum rank in a vocation.

Myrmecoleon Delights

Entered the rose chateau.

The Collector

Collected 80 Seeker's Tokens.

The Philanthropist

Earned the affections of 50 people.

Affinity and Beyond

Raised a person's affinity to the maximum.

Dragon Forged

Strengthened a weapon in wyrmfire.

This'll Cure What Ails Ye

Soaked in the hot spring.

Cyclops Abridged

Crossed a cyclopean bridge.

Harpy Joyride

Summoned a harpy, grabbed hold, and took flight.

Quit Playing Dead

Revived two pawns simultaneously.

Dragon's Dogma

Obtained Dragon's Dogma.

An Eye for an Eye

Petrified a medusa.

Getting a Head

Acquired a preserved medusa head.

The Barbecue-Maister

Grilled every type of meat during the night and day.

Nobles' Night Out

Attended a palace masquerade in formal raiment.

Thought I'd Lost You

Restored the dead to life at a morgue or charnel house.

Reaper's Scorn

Accomplished a miracle for several people all at once.

Before Dawn Breaks

Defeated the headless horseman.

The Tourist

Discovered 50 dungeons.

The Regriffining

Took flight on griffin wing a second time.

Back Where It All Began

Returned to Agamen Volcanic Island.

Roost of the Dragon

Reached Dragonsbreath Tower.

Hope You Brought a Lantern

Reached Drabnir's Grotto.

To the Victor Go the Spoils

Reclaimed your items from the scavenger who stole them from you.

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