Doctor Birdbrain
sup gamers   Pacific Grove, California, United States
Hello Bleeding to Death, I'm Medic.

I don't make things for TF2 anymore, I'm not interested in nor do I have the time for collaborations or group projects. Thank you for understanding.
Sweet dreams are made of Vivi 3/mar/2018 às 21:58 
Hey Doc, you may not make new things for TF2 anymore, but you should really update the Unshaved Bear. That thing clips like a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and doesn't follow the Heavy's face at all. They got an entire YETI HEAD REPLACEMENT that works better than your beard does. :steamsalty:
KPViini 30/abr/2017 às 21:02 
Yeah my casual heavy is an error as well.
Captain Charger 13/abr/2017 às 16:44 
I need the model download of casual heavy it appears as a error
Please come back 27/mar/2017 às 23:23 
Hello Dr. Birdbrain, I've added you, I'd really appreciate it if you could add me back. Thanks so much! - Mary
Mayhem 25/jul/2016 às 0:29 
Nice.Good trader
Barry {{{TKOFZPKUIJKCOG}} 23/jul/2016 às 11:45 
Hello, I'm Pierce D., creator of the "Lifestyle Moderne" community workshop. We need many submissions to fit a vintage lifestyle vibe, and I was wondering if we could speak about submitting your item "Teutonic Nursemaid" to it.