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hi i'm sara and i like exchanging puns for awp drops in mirage :snowslimecool:

what do you call a pile of cats?
a meowtain :gr_love:

try to comment why you're adding me, unless you want to be mysterious and surprise me that you're that cute guy I made eye contact with in San Diego

:lovepoop:if you're russian i already love you :lovepoop:
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we are all doomed to suffer the demise that god forsake us to
:smilepoop:hi, I just like to play games and make puns, but apparently that's too hard to achieve without being asked these fucking questions, so let me answer some for you:smilepoop:

if you don't comment why you're adding me, I'm no longer accepting the friend request

are you a girl?
depends, are you going to drop me an awp or not?
do you use a voice changer?
no, I was in the womb, praying to be a girl to get attention on games, god bless :BabySaturn:
do you want to date?
can you send pics?
i'll show you pictures of my plushie collection:BBEAR:
how old are you?
now legal!! :tobdog:
can I ask you personal shit that doesn't pertain to me?
a dollar for each question that makes me want to drink battery acid :SYMSface:
what state do you live in?
constant despair :Puglife:
can I play with you?
when fortnite brings back planes :retro_beer:

if you're not getting 7 day bans back to back on CSGO, are you really playing the game?

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this was my very first game on steam and in playing I've seen the following while playing (mostly in TTT)
- betrayal in forms incomprehensible to man
- it is custom to chant islamic scriptures while jihading
- you can't even trust the detective
- it's kill or be killed
- numerous men slept with my mom apparently
- it's not RDM if you claim to be god
- the evolution of children
- the cesspool of cringe
- claim it was your manifest destiny to end a man's life
- you can rally to scapegoat a specific race relating of african descent
- minecraft is the only map
- you can tell puns to excuse committing a massacre
- no one listens to the C4 callout and you watch as people litter the floor in a heap by the explosion
- I've seen traitors seduce innocents to carry out their deeds, give them a jihad and watch them commit genocide
- I've seen people lined up against the wall and shot down if they resembled a race dark of skin
- furries do actually exist
- felt the aching sorrow after finding the corpse of your deceased friend brutally hung
- I've seen more porn in sprays than I've actually watched it
- claim to have the mandate of heaven to enslave a server
- I've conquered the african continent to bring glory to the white man
- saying "shoot me, you won't" will ignite fear in others
- I've killed more as an innocent than I have traitor
- I've threatened to enslave people's ancestry if they looked at me
- heartbreak never felt so profound
- necrophilia happens often
- if you shoot someone in the head infront of an entire room of people and stand your ground, people will likely pretend it didn't happen
- you can kill on suspicion of being of origin of africa
- detectives have fighting rings
- I've heard more honest prayers begging for mercy here than churches
- heard the raw cries of man as he witnessed his friend murdered before him
- you settle disputes like gentlemen, via crowbar fight
- threaten to shove a slinky so far up something that you truly fear mankind
- political debates occur and are settled via RDM
- war never changes
the list goes on, this game has encaptured the essence of the evils of man
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