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Hiya, im Sagerz

Because of an influx of spammers i do not trade. if youd like to donate please use a trade offer :beatmeat:Thanks!
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Q: Who are you?
A: Sagerz:player:

Q: Do you have a youtube?
A: Yessir

Q: Are you famous?
A: 40K

Q: Where's Buschwaka Bois?
A: Dead?

Q: What kind of content do you make?
A: TF2 Mechanic, and discussion videos. I prefer to have a serious take, discussing actual issues in the community.

I speedrun things sometimes. Ask me about it. Also music is pretty cool
:sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep: :sleepingsheep:

The Famous Quotes:

(Sagerz: Dub if you could change your eye color to anything on the spectrum, what would it be?
Dubthink: A bitter taste of defeat and lime.)

Dubthink: im the sphaghetti logistics man, this is my sphagetti."

Sagerz: "Im gonna bang your girlfriend star, make you watch, and then review the demo with you later."

Lenny: You cut your hair? on lan i'll have nothing to pull while we make sweet sweet love.

Sagerz: You know Dubthink is pretty level headed
Sidular: He followed a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ BEAN TRAIL

NEV Is our new team. its the NEVOSIN crew. we spout memes

Constipated Barry: im like a loose cannon, you can trust me, but you cant.

Dubthink: Just rub some P U S S Y on that wifi.

Titan: See i understand the words, but when YOU put them together, they make no sense.

The Brickiest Brick: look im your dad, grandad and cousin, but not your uncle.

Sagerz: "you know wouldn't be as funny if you were white."


Some roamer on TF2 center: What? no. roamers dont bomb, thats retarded -_- "

Waed: Which direction is blue? I DONT KNOW"

Sagerz: So we take MVM right. we remove the MV its just M. Youre just a blender.

Sagerz: im actually 13 and a half
Reddie: no you sound 21 with kids

*Dubthink listening to a ten year old ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ singing a minecraft parody*
"Dub: i cant hear you.
Sagerz: turn it down then
Dub: No. I need this in my life right now."

Sagerz: Dub youre ripping my heart out.
Dubthink: YyuuUuuUUUUPPPP

Alex: lmao
Sagerz: hey
Sagerz: dont laugh nipple fish
Alex: ♥♥♥♥ YOU
Sagerz: XD
Alex: your mom is a nipple fish
Sagerz: your nipple is a nipple fish XD

Azion: underwater chess should be added to the olympics

Sagerz: Dub, I sexually identify as a dinosaur, not physically. my libido is feelin a bit like a brontasauras if you know what im saying. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Dubthink: I wish i had a lenny bind, but for voice.

True: =O
True: im a HUGE FAN
True: BRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
True: *Fan noises*
True: Sagerz the new ArrayUncleStar

Constipated Barry: "You'll never make the minors if youre stuck in the majors!!"

Twigs: I was about to say gl because its the best response I have when people say "im gonna ...."
Twigs: and I realized, I would be saying good luck eating that food sagerz
Sagerz: ILL TRY MY ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ BEST

Ryan: Here's how you fall down the stairs.
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 5:
Step 7:
Step 10:

Dubthink: i believe what people think is space, is actually me.

Dubthink: Think about how much bread you can fit in a suitcase tho!!!! :O

Sagerz: Ari im gonna punch you right in the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ mouth, then go back to my country and get my hand checked for free
Ari: go for it.

Me practicing my italian to dub:
io mio una mia. Il cazzo o tazzo zuppa zucchero merda. una mucca, tua mucca. alto tablo merda merda mucca. Farfalla, Beauty, mucca mucca madre, father cow, wow. Il gatto bevono l'acqua birra. tazza. cazzo ♥♥♥♥.

Sagerz: what if i deliver it in person
Sagerz: then its a business expense
Sagerz: so we can put the sagerz and sid sleepover extravaganza on the corporate card right?

Sagerz: how are you
TheDeadBanana: Good, good. good...
Sagerz: but youre a dead banana
Sagerz: how can you be good?
TheDeadBanana: Because im dead
Sagerz: ah

Kayore: Are midgets like..legos?

Alex: Oh this is some hot lego porn.

Kayore: Sagerz
Kayore: Im like 2 fiths deep of jack daniels
Kayore: I feel like birb

Chasemoose: Quoted by Rudy: "Careful Chase, this could be a T R A P"

Dubthink on inventing a watch.[/i}Dubthink: " I'm just gonna hang around the girls until they ask me what time it is."

Constipated Barry: "I'm feelin a litlle banna split pissed rn if you know what im saying"

stop reading my wall you stalker you. (unless you're barry then stalk away :acbutterfly: )

Dubthink: "No Genocide is easy, you just need a lot of guns :) "
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