Ross C.
LaLa: nigga
LaLa: let me pick up the ball
LaLa: and try to run
LaLa: with it
LaLa: thats like kyle running

cheeks: yeah this nigga used to play fucking magic with me

"im not used to having that kind of tip" -kyle2014

*DEAD* etney`ᵖᵗˢ! : do all you do is hide?
cheeks: yeah this nigga used to play fucking magic with me

*DEAD* etney`ᵖᵗˢ! : when your team is pushing, youre hiding.

cheeks: ddy would be worst terrorist in real life

Purple Haze Pig: i just blew, THE, smelliest fart
Purple Haze Pig: like maybe of my life even

✝ℒβ(E²)RaginCaucasian|FɴF|: we're supposed to win silver this season

Tu12ner: she wants my sc2 playing nuts

kawaii as fuck `lft: but bravo you're the only girl for me

Gary.: black people should be neutered

[db] Bombz: u know how u can move ur dick
[db] Bombz: by pulling in

kyle: let me stop you right there
kyle: i have a feeling i know how this is gonna end once you said
kyle: 3:45 PM - B|R|A|V|O: and diddy made sure no one was behind me

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