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Millenial Scout Oct 6 @ 8:26pm 
I got a bit of a question, Thought I'd add you to get some info, thanks.
Coach YB Sep 23 @ 5:19am 
Hey I added to ask a question, If you don't mind. I understand if you dont want to help.
Jim's song Aug 23 @ 1:03am 
would love a signed unforgiven glory, would pay for it too B)
OraHell Aug 5 @ 8:25am 
Greetings, Rozzy!
I was searching for your TF2 workshop item, called "The Read-end Spoiler". It was also called "The Street Scamp". But anyway, now I don't even know, where to find it.
Can you... Make a link for it? Pretty-pretty please? :D
Because I REALLY want to use this wonderful cosmetic in SFM. It looks stylish
Also +rep
Jacky Bloodfang Jul 30 @ 8:43pm 
I know im just a random right, But congrats with that demo cosmetic, Love it !
8bit_M8 Jul 29 @ 7:52pm 
hey rozzy i like the The Assimilated Assistor that you mad im just wonder would it be possible to see what that would look like on other classes like the spy and sniper i think that i would look good on thoses classes too thanks and keep up the good work!