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Roku, yep it's not me and I don't love you!

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Nightmare Mode Killing Floor for veteran player
Overview of Nightmare Mode:

Game mode available with custom squad spawn with extra Husks, Sirens, Scrake and Fleshpound. The wave they appear is similar to original long game rules, with exception of their spawn boosted to over triple.

SG-Changi IP:

Newbie mode: Game setting at lower difficulty, suitable for less hardcore players. Rules are similar to Arcade mode
Arcade mode: Regain armor and ammo from certain amount of kills with random bonus along the way
Hard mode: Exclude all power up but extra dosh, adjusted with lesser zed spawn per wave, suitable for hardcore players


You can access commands with "mutate help" in console.

Available commands:

Mutate Time number
–––Control trader time. Leave empty to skip trader
Mutate Wave number
–––Skip current wave and set next wave to this. Leave empty to reset current wave
Mutate Spawn number
–––Change spawn rate for zed. Smaller is faster/harder. Default: 1.00 [Fast]
Mutate Player number
–––Change maximum number of player can join. Adjust for solo/dou. Cap at 7 players
Mutate Fake number
–––Control number of fake players. Requires max player reduces for more fake!
Mutate HP number
–––Control minimum zed health to this number of players.
Mutate Info
–––Shows current game setting (wave, player slot, fake, spawn rate and HP mod)
Mutate Respawn
–––Respawn all players.
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When your parents said they gonna go for movie tonight...
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Arkadaşlar sözüme özür dileyerekten başlıyorum mümkün olsa özelden yazardım amaolmuyor discordda bot yaptım rica etsem 2 dk linke tıklayıp oy verebilir misin emek verdim
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From the other night: ^ _ ^