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Admin on a 6v6 pug site called "FreakPugs" [freakpugs.herokuapp.com] (Currently not operating)
Admin of the [As] MGE Community & Servers

If you're here for trading, then please read the following rules:
1. Comment below first before sending me a friend request, otherwise you will be ignored.

2. If you have your Steam profile set to friends only/private, then you will be instantly blocked.

3. Refund is not allowed after you click accept trade, so think before you take actions!

4. If I removed you after the trade, don't take it personal. I just don't want a bunch of strangers on my friend list so if you want to trade with me again just re-add me or leave a message saying you might want something from me in the future then I'll keep you on my friend list longer.

Thank you for reading this, and feel free to leave a +rep comment on my profile if you enjoy trading with me :D

Donation List:
Strange Professional Killstreak Original, Strange Professional Killstreak Festive Shotgun, Strange Professional Killstreak Escape Plan, Strange Professional Killstreak Festive Crusader's Crossbow, Strange Professional Killstreak Spark of Life, Strange Professional Killstreak Festive Ubersaw, Strange Construction PDA -Yawner
Dead President Helmet Without a Home -rmbaaa
Massed Flies Stainless Pot -TempuraNOM
Strange Festive Minigun -【ƤɃ】PolarBear™ | ツ |
Earbuds and some items from Unturned -Dinked!
A lot of Refined Metals -Frezh
Doublecross-Comm (Lime) -Tuream
Blitzkrieg Medi Gun (Factory New), Strange Festive Reclaimed Reanimator (Factory New), Corsair Scattergun (Field-Tested), and Airwolf Wrench (Factory New) -lg lim
Taunt: Fubar Fanfare, Taunt: Victory Lap, Wrapped Reviver (Factory New), and Shooting Star -Snowy Squid

A list of scammers I have encountered:
Vice (Former Teacher of JA)

Trade Offer
TF2 Outpost [www.tf2outpost.com]
Backpack TF [backpack.tf]
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