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New Sky

Reach full blue sky
Unlocked Apr 11 @ 2:21pm

Clouds in the sky

Reach clouds
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 9:27am

Life from the sky

Reach rain level
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 11:23am

Liquid water

Reach liquid water level
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 1:56pm

So much water

Reach full lakes level
Unlocked Apr 18 @ 8:32am


Reach moss level
Unlocked May 4 @ 7:53pm


Construct your first living compartment
Unlocked Apr 11 @ 8:46am

Are we leaving?

Craft your first launch platform
Unlocked Apr 14 @ 8:41pm


Craft your first biodome
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 9:51am

Flowers on hostile planet

Craft your first flower spreader
Unlocked May 4 @ 6:45pm

Vegetables in space

Craft your first food grower
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 10:20am

What could go wrong?

Craft your first nuclear reactor
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 9:43am

The Rare Red Ore

Find Iridium
Unlocked Apr 11 @ 8:51am

The Blue Rare Ore

Find Osmium
Unlocked Apr 14 @ 8:49pm

The White Rare Ore

Find Zeolite
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 10:43am

Golden flower

Find your first golden seed
Unlocked Apr 11 @ 2:17pm

The Pink Rare Ore

Craft or find a Pulsar Quartz
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 10:42am


Craft your first ore extractor
Unlocked Apr 14 @ 9:06pm

Not the face!

Get hit by an asteroid
Unlocked Apr 11 @ 2:17pm

Barely surviving

Craft 10 items
Unlocked Apr 11 @ 8:59am

Rainbow caves

Discover the rainbow caves
Unlocked Apr 14 @ 9:42pm

The Yellow Rare Ore

Find Solar Quartz
Unlocked May 4 @ 6:33pm

It's growing

Reach herbs level

The Forests

Reach trees level


Craft your first tree spreader

Genetic Engineer

Craft your first DNA Manipulator


Reach insects level

Farming on Mars

Create your first outside farm

Mushrooms river

Discover the mushroom river

Ancient paradise

Find the ancient paradise


Reach atmosphere level

Bubbles under water

Reach fish level


Build a drone

The factory must grow

Build an autocrafter

Space Trading

Build a space trading rocket

Space frogs

Reach amphibians stage

Space smuggler

Gain a total of 100 Terra Tokens

Space pirate

Gain a total of 1000 Terra Tokens

Space trader

Gain a total of 10000 Terra Tokens

Space magnate

Gain a total of 100000 Terra Tokens

Cookie factory

Bake a cookie

New life forms

Craft your first DNA sequence

Distant Wrecks

Craft a portal generator

Space zoo

Craft an animal shelter

Getting comfy

Craft 100 items


Craft 1000 items

Jump in lava

Get lava damages


Reach mammals level


Reach complete terraformation

The Cenote

Discover the cenote biome

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