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About me (silly version)

Full name: Remixed Minuet
Gender: Female
Disposition: Energetic and playful
Eye color: Light purple
Fur details: Light gray all over with a near-white belly, and a near-white patch around the mouth and cheeks, fur on the cheeks are puffed out a bit, chest has a small fur tuft
Body details: Somewhat tall for a mouse (still a bit shorter than Mixed though), average-looking, has a B+ sized bust (if that's needed for anything)
Hair details: Long light-gray hair, falls down just past the shoulders in the back, the front of the hair is slightly messy/fritzy
Wearables: Same fedora as Mixed (sometimes), a solid purple T-shirt, and a silver chain-loop necklace with a light brown, radiant-cut jewel hanging off of it
Other notes: I've got a lot of energy, so I might get bored or forgetful really quick! Also, do you know who Orange is? You'll know soon enough if you don't~

Personal likes/dislikes
+ Everything!
+ You! <3

- Nothing! (yet?)

Some cool people:
A very silly gote and my great mouse brother <3

Should I fill in the rest of this? Or should I just put more silly stuff in the text box below? 🤔
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I'm a mouse who goes ":derpmouse:", that's a good description yes?

there is never enough :applejuice:
Big Oz Jul 6 @ 1:34pm 
Are your crates for sale?
Oswald Mar 3 @ 2:31am 
Hug? :D
Tortle Sep 11, 2022 @ 4:53am 
Silly comment~
guylookdark Feb 28, 2022 @ 6:50am 
sent you a trade offers! :luv:
Adair (Buying Trading Cards) Jan 27, 2022 @ 2:35pm 
buying steam trading cards for pure add me:D
Concordε™ Jan 15, 2022 @ 4:16pm 
     |      ,. -'" ;'
     |    ,.-''"     :'
     |   :'"       ,,、:
     | , "          ゙: 、
     |;'     *,, ❤     ゙:、   ,.. - ;
     |:      "      ゙:-''"   ;'
     | ゙:              ゙ ,:'
     |        \   ❤   ,:'
     |            "'' , :'
     |                 , :'     
   ,:'" ゙:、  ,:   ゙゙;' - ,,,.. - '
   ゙:、  ゙'' - ;    ;゙
     ゙ :、       ,:'
     |゙: ,,    ,:'
     |  ゙ ー "
     |  ,:'
     | ,:'