Snipers' lover
Vic   Odesa, Odes'ka Oblast', Ukraine
:transgender: he/they ~~~ Twitch []
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16:58 - stalker!!! #17 fps: that sniper duel
16:58 - stalker!!! #17 fps: never
16:58 - stalker!!! #17 fps: happened*
Zush #mscLan 14 hours ago 
the is impossible
B34T_TR4KKeR Jul 16 @ 11:43am 
Best sniper lover i have ever seen
[IGT] DildanoVibrato Ⓢ Jun 29 @ 5:09pm 
Thank you, thank you :3
+rep is very good frend
❅✮nurse✮❅ Mar 31 @ 3:58pm 
Happy Easter! 🐰
ℕØ ℕ₳ℳĘ Mar 31 @ 3:39pm 
Я просто трейдор ну ладно