Steven   Utica, New York, United States
I kind of map, I kind of code, sorta model, and occasionally do artwork. If you want to get in contact with me for a particular reason, try my e-mail ( as I don't accept randoms.

No, I don't know how Source works anymore, it's been years.

Some of my works:

- Portal Beta Stuff (Project-Beta and such)
- Portal 2 Demomap (Portal 1)
- Blue Portals (Extended Play, and Conversion Cubed)
- Portal: Alive And Kicking
- A Little Higher Collection (Also in Workshop)
- Tornate Collection (See Workshop)
- Feather Away (See Workshop)
- For Old Times Sake []
- Vectronic (Demo) []


Google []
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Happy New NepNep Year! OwO :luf:
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+rep fast and efficient trades can't recommend this guy enough for csgo TF2 and path of exile trading. Hit him up if you need any of these for any item he will find it and get you a good deal +repp
RedSkittleFox Dec 31, 2017 @ 9:45am 
Happy New NepNep Year! :3 :luf: :luf:
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Orange portals 3 confirmed
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Merry Chris- I mean, Happy Birthday!