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Comment why ur adding me

I dont add scammers, or people who havent played anything, have level 0 or maybe 1 or a profile that looks like a scammers one. Scammers add me everyday.

Im a tf2 player k? I like to play MvM but I dont play it "very often"

Australium weapons
I dont like to brag but (Now more scammers add me lol)

Australium wrench [✔] (pro killstreak, festivized, 5 strange counters)
Australium frontier justice [✔] (pro killstreak, cant be festivized, 4 counters)
Australium grenade launcher [✘] (sold, spec killstreak, unfestivized)
Australium smg [✘] (sold, spec killstreak, unfestivized)

I like to play Tour City or Mecha engine, the others are fun but im lazy, I also like to play Machine Attacks, heres a "dedicated" server to that:

Its basically a story with robots, and are fun and I play there often too... Sometimes

But have a nice day, and dont be afraid to add me, unless youre one of these people listed above unless I know you (sorry).
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