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Do you know the four most important elements for life?

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Sniffer Aug 5 @ 2:35am 
Seeing if rack for sale fore pure
Modesty is a vastly overrated virtue.
-- J.K. Galbraith

Some people have a way about them that seems to say: "If I have
only one life to live, let me live it as a jerk."

Behold the warranty -- the bold print giveth and the fine print taketh away.
Remembering is for those who have forgotten.
-- Chinese proverb

It's not reality that's important, but how you perceive things.
If you're crossing the nation in a covered wagon, it's better to have four
strong oxen than 100 chickens. Chickens are OK but we can't make them work
together yet.
-- Ross Bott, Pyramid U.S., on multiprocessors at AUUGM '89.

Once upon a time the plural of 'wizard' was 'war'.
(The Last Continent)

No one can put you down without your full cooperation.
YES! YES! YES! Oh, YES! (ooops, I sound like Meg Ryan ;-)
-- Ian Nandhra
Вosus Jun 23 @ 8:45am 
Hi, add me, I have an interesting offer and present for you
Вosus Jun 17 @ 5:46am 
Hi, add me, I have an interesting offer and present for you
szczuron01 Jun 16 @ 10:36am 
add me for a quick talk, i have an offer, i couldnt add you for some reason...
burst angel May 25 @ 5:47am 
Hi, our team went to the finals of a decent tournament, but our player will not be able to take part in this match, we urgently need a stand-in who can replace him.
If we win this tournament, you will receive about $600~
Add my main account, if you're ready to compete https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sostarcs