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*DEAD* axelateon : randyw esta usando hacks botenlo
*DEAD* axelateon : miren su rango

*DEAD* ARGUY : cardboard should only be used for condoms

*DEAD* Ayr : who is rosa parksÉ

Xaverian Brothers High School : the fact u guys have nothing better to do than to spawn camp and let the other team cap proves how much of no lifes u r

The Lottery Man : I bet you guys are edgy 12 year olds who are salty because they can't freely use their 'epic funny edgy' jokes

[Furry] Aeon : for a guy with a ego the size of vipas brain ur sure talk alot of shit

rosario : the paternal tongue is a delight for my hubris

*DEAD* iCerberusZz : i want a rocket launcher for soldier so badly

2:13 PM - Joey: You are a NIGGER no one likes you your mom fucked you and u got herpes with syphilis your dad is beating your ass everyday cuz you don't want to suck his cameltoe

Mr. Meloetta : I know someone is gonna hate me for saying this...
Mr. Meloetta : ...but I think slavery9's hacking.

Jinn* (PN) : my name is randy and im a fokin retard

Alto : Thank You Friend You Are Quite Well Versed In Social Interactions As Well!

Trolex3000 Free Sfm Poster Make : you can laught as many time as you want you wont be better


poverty21 (Score:20) defeats sleepyhead (Score:7) in duel to 20 on Ammomod [MGE]
sleepyhead : ur fucking mental bitch learn how to play

half moon : u live in virginia shut the fuck up hick

I MAKE PPL RAGEQUIT. : hey randy, whats the diameter of your faghole?

(TEAM) jeffwhiteside76 : I am going to try to put am sneecky teaport and everyone go thought

Il_Conquistatore : Do y'all think the rise of the butt craze is due to the rise of black culture?

*DEAD* the strongest 12 year old : randy is hacking btw
*DEAD* the strongest 12 year old : wall hacking
the strongest 12 year old left the game (Disconnect by user.)

*SPEC* randy : deluxe has autism dont make eye contact with him
*SPEC* Deluxe : dont make eye contact because if you will, youll get whiped

7:30 PM - evil: my dad is the sweetest thing ive tasted in my life

ЯK! Randy : ʏᴏᴜ ᴀʀᴇ ɢᴀʏ
ꜱᴛᴜᴀʀᴛ : You are homophobic*

[ĐβĐ] nO : my dads asshole is so swollen it looks like a balloon

*DEAD* FuckRandy : #FuckRandy

scrambled : mainly because you're using the minigun which makes you shit at the game but good at heavy 1v1

evil : i want my dad

Terk : anal, I will mute you now too. Good luck with your attention whore behavior gg

dzL' : randy or rudolph the rednose noobdeer

CanPakes : Randy cant even win with hacks

✦Ivanna✦ : Let me make one thing clear
✦Ivanna✦ : As a medic main, I know the healing order and I only prioritize the healing of people who need it.

Yoshi678: Randy, go sit outside and think about your innapropriate behaviour. Go on, sit outside. Bad dog.


9AM | Lunean : if randy made a porn movie would it be called randyx?

33gal. Kronky : im IM
33gal. Kronky : lmao
randyw : you lost to jerrs team

GUNSLINGER : Okay, RK Randy. You can rocket jump. We know.

rmartin4242 : dis ramdy wittman do


*DEAD* sezervedat : sentiry
sezervedat : taret

Some_dudE road to 100 dislikes : and im proud to be bisexual so go fuck yourself

bi0nic_h0g : rq randy is goos snoiper

Well, we just beat Roadkill 4-1. Everyone said we couldn't do it, everyone said it would be 4-0 RK, everyone said we aren't on the level of teams like Roadkill. We proved them wrong. #sbcumback

1onlyGhostly : i need to leave, this match isn't worth trying... telling that the enemies are pretty ez
1onlyGhostly : too ez for my liking
1onlyGhostly left the game (Disconnect by user.)

ЯK! Randy : blungo what do you play for iron 4s
plays like shit : randy no one gives a shit about your e-peen

Johnny Cockring : randy and tacos are both clear hackers please do the servers some justice and kick those two
Johnny Cockring : randy go fuck yousrelf dude obv. you and buttboi are hackers

batbob12345 : my least favorite video game character is sonic because hes fast like my dad when he chases me with his belt

farmer john : making fun of me isnt going to help you win gold randy :)

dark venom THE CAPTIN : al go eniger next round

Void : steel 6s is literally more skillful than gold hl

evil : roadkill gang aint nuthin 2 fuck with

Zeek | Zero Fucks Given : only thing soalty is your mouth on your moms vaginer

The Foxy Medic : Randy's Cozmetics are edgy (⌐͡ □ ͜ʖ ͡ □)

*DEAD* [SE] Killah Zillah : Oh come on GabeN, that was his spine. I don't care what you say, bespectacled jerk.

(TEAM) evil #mcm : fallen spu?

Heavy's favorite color : crits need to become valuable to make tf2 popular

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