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Tere otsin teami ise olen mikker ! https://gyazo.com/833ecd468bbd1957e124c67546fc0da7
jarxy Aug 7 @ 12:50pm 
stfu bro peltsi cs source god dont ♥♥♥♥ with him or he takes ship to estonia and come to boost you irl ass to 69420k elo
PERKELEPERKELE Jul 31 @ 9:19am 
togle when losing :D rep
zR Jul 24 @ 10:33am 
hi, mb u help me boost my acc?
etern1ty Jul 9 @ 10:20pm 
ayy, you wanna go again? it's littleb1tx from faceit :b
Bacon Jul 9 @ 11:03am 
Please tell me, why so ez?