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Posted: Nov 4, 2021 @ 3:57am

Once in while, a game comes along that provides something fresh amongst a sea of sameness. That is Puzzledorf! Puzzledorf does for Sokoban games what Firewatch did for adventure games. It unexpectedly pulls you into a world you didn't you were missing from. You feel instantly right at home, and that brings a sense of calm, even as you face a foe as old as the world itself; time!

Time pressure mounts, and you begin to make moves that a less-pressured you would have thought ridiculous. You review your actions at the end, and realise "Why on earth did I do that?". But the game doesn't make you feel stupid; instead, it provides a strange level of clarity, making you instantly feel smarter, and then instantly providing you an opportunity to observe that for yourself by besting your last game.

A game that calms you and raises your intelligence, whilst providing you entertainment? Count me in!
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Mr. Privacy Jul 14, 2023 @ 5:55am 
A mesmerizing game that defies expectations. Its immersive puzzles and enigmatic challenges take players on an extraordinary journey. In a remarkable twist, it became a real-life savior, empowering parents to rescue their trapped baby from a fire. This extraordinary incident proves the profound impact of gaming. Prepare for a life-changing adventure!