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Mike Jones a/k/a Goron_Pikachu a/k/a uhcakiP a/ka/ mj0nes a/k/a ronj0hnson + million other aliases

"You probably look like a bullfrog"
"Do you want to send a me selfie of yourself and I'll send you a selfie of me and I'll bet you one thousand dollars that I'm better looking than you"

*DEAD* reaLm_pc : You were a cheating bitch, and still are, you have no place within this community, go fuck yourself

*DEAD* ryanthekinG : your are fucking blatnat kid

"bro ur mad because u hace like 299.. hacked accounts and ya that makes me mad. one of them was my ... ass Btw i heard u like balls. wow stop trolling me..!!"

"u fucking goron faggot, hacking wallspamming mic spamming, god damn it im geting sick of ur shit killing me in pub's stealing account's keyloging kid im done with ur shit kid, the cyber police will be called u fucking nerd"

Stole My Bike : u can obviously tell he doesnt know how to play so he resorts to that

I <3 Holidae : all of a sudden these fags come in and i see cock everywhere, wtf
//Static : your what doctors call a abortion gone bad

Snapshot : pikachu honestly man
Snapshot : wake up
Snapshot : this fockbox guym, ban him right the fuck now
Snapshot : hes been team flashing and team blocking the last 4 rounds repeatedly
THREAT.Pikachu (me) : didnt see it sorry
Snapshot : wow yur dumb

nj6 : thats the thing i dont get, whats the fun in hacking?
MIKAEL JEKSON (me) : im not even cheating LOLOL
[K]orea.Mrchung : u are
MIKAEL JEKSON: im just moonwalking

Drunk : wtf is this a hack test server or what?
Goron_Pikachu : yeah

{OleFarts}OldMan : who is doing the gay porn on the t side??

Swift : btw whoever is spraying that gay porn...stop it before you get banned

Douchenozzle : haha i just reported you... i called steam and gave them you stea id

*DEAD*mbby : do you have friends? just wondering
Pikachu_iz_TRULY_DE_BEST : no

Repentance : hope it makes you feel better because you obviously you cant play normally

ypu kaeretta : jesus get a fucking life mate and stop wasting money on hacks fucking hell parents must be proud

SmurfStorm : Try one round actually playing legit? Just to see how good you actually are?
Mike Jones #incoming ban : we played all rounds legit???

'Illuminati : he must feel low about his life has to hack and take it out on people in cs


rollin' : goron do you have any friends?
Goron_Pikachu : no
rollin' : didnt think so

The Trowl [SUI] : FUCK OFF you sons of a bitch!

ADMIN: do i need to fuck u

'uhcakiP' has been PERMANENTLY banned.
Reason: 'everything'
By admin [BCE] Jump-In-Ja-Hoes-A-Fat.dM

inhibit omglolnoway : he has 2 dads, they beat him when he was a child

Bon jovi : pikatcou i fuck your mom
Pikachu : nice

inhibit nrehtron : man you must be a real fucking faggot to have to hack

Proven. MeatShield/IronWall : im getting waled
Proven. MeatShield/IronWall : wow
Proven. MeatShield/IronWall : NO FUCKING WAY

kb[24] <3 taeyeon : ill beat ur nerdy ass white fat fuck ass up
kb[24] <3 taeyeon : faggot

needgunorbait (MUSIC) : pedaso du mierda

lord flatley : cant mute his shit

*DEAD* Cute :| : some guy tags gay porn and i tag over it..then get shot in the head

Emery: i saw the pic mate, my gf dont even have blonde hair, i dunno if i should laugh or feel bad for you
Emery: ask my bro, i don't code, i'm sure he can teach you


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Pay us this great discounted price of $15 and you get to play the same exact game as Sniper Elite 2 except in this one you need to pay us another $10 in order to get all the guns and missions that were readily available in Sniper Elite 2. As a token of our appreciation and great development skills we are going to be re-using a map in one of our DLC's because we have no time to actually make new content but we are glad to take your money.
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De_inferno with certain clutter removed from the map
Ariana Jan 18 @ 8:11am 
Jest pan wezwany na sękacza do Komisarza Zapały
xBroleh Dec 24, 2017 @ 3:15pm 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
.reality 乡 Dec 7, 2017 @ 11:58am 
Marek Bąk: dałbyś jakiegoś? obojętnie co bo na darmowym lecieć to lipa, flaszke ci postawie jak bedziesz w pl ogolnie dzis ide a tu fajka lezy na chodniku to se wzialem i cała jeszcze XD
MikeJones - https://EY.MD : kurwa normalnie w totka wygrales
MikeJones - https://EY.MD : uliczny totek
MikeJones - https://EY.MD : cala fajka
MikeJones - https://EY.MD : haha
.reality 乡 Dec 7, 2017 @ 11:55am 
MikeJones - https://EY.MD : hahahahaha
MikeJones - https://EY.MD : strona z testem jest zepsuta
MikeJones - https://EY.MD : ty masz leb zepsuty berecie
MikeJones - https://EY.MD : hahahaha
Marek Bąk: XDDD
scorpion Nov 17, 2017 @ 2:50am 
actually he rent me his bmw's tires, amazing guy
qqqqqqqqqq Oct 20, 2017 @ 2:35am 
Paying strawberry picker xane when he works on MikeJones garden