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R0R Sep 23 @ 5:35pm 
Sorry to bug ya. but the latest patch did something to party roles.
GerzenkNadsh Sep 17 @ 5:48am 
Merhaba Native warbandı offline 1250 saat online 50 saat oynadım. ama bu oyun Napoleonic Wars ile sarıyor. bi Napoleonic Wars' a ya da tüm mount and blade oyunlarına bi indirim yapma şansları varsa bu işlemlerden sorumlu kişiye iletebilirsen mutlu olurum saygılar.
Eddie.Fing.Kim Aug 29 @ 9:39pm 
hi iam having trouble logging into the game does not let me log in
Vinilly Aug 28 @ 6:14pm 
Please bring back the Warband development team, they were Spicy! Missing them :.D
Erem Aug 22 @ 11:00am 
hello - i need some help , clans wont join my kingdom even if i have 100+ relation with them and even after doing quests for them, they always say that they are not interested in joining any other realms, i already invited a clan from the khuzaits but after that i couldnt anymore
Angry Shen Aug 20 @ 9:41am 
can u please contact me , i just need help