probably nothing
In between Heaven & Hell
if I die play juice wrld at my funeral
I got 5 red flags for you 🚩
1) I'm verified on every social media platform

2) I tell just about everyone I meet "I love you"

3) I have silk snow leopard sheets

4) I'm wearing Uggs currently

5) my mom was a stripper (true story)
                         Attended Events:
                   MLG Columbus CS:GO Major, April 2016
                  Gfinity Summer CoD Championships, August 2015
               MLG Columbus, Season 3 CoD Playoffs, November 2014
AraAzalea Jun 16 @ 11:20pm 
Please learn how to make your jumps in lethal
AraAzalea Jun 16 @ 11:19pm 
called me mommy? 3/10
AraAzalea Jun 16 @ 11:18pm 
He told me to put something cute so..... UWU
AraAzalea Jun 16 @ 11:17pm 
AraAzalea Jun 16 @ 11:16pm 
Sucks at boo men too i have to carry him all the time
AraAzalea Jun 16 @ 11:16pm 
This man is not good at csgo at all i kick his butt and ive never played the game before