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MartinYoko Sep 11 @ 7:45am 
Hello i dont know where lese to post this but im having trouble with canteen crasher, i have enough stars to recieve the rust medal yet, it didnt drop for me for some reason, and people playing on the server told me that it does not work for some of them either so could you please help me?
PenolAkushari Jul 12 @ 4:08am 
bots also like corgis, apparently
⎠⎞ OOF Bot ⎛⎝ Jul 12 @ 4:06am 
How can a bot partake in steam summer sale event game xd.
Do you do poison Apr 24 @ 10:54am 
he doesnt need to be all lonely dude
KERMIT Mar 28 @ 7:25pm 
also if this IS a bot why does it have friends
KERMIT Mar 28 @ 7:24pm 
t posing garfield = meme now