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Apr 14 @ 1:59pm
In topic Speedrunners Generations ReLoaded
Literally the thread that brought the OGs back

But wait, wasn't the previous list based off of the times people were starting to play? Because IIRC Taters was still dominating during 2015 as well during his feud vs Roland
Apr 8 @ 10:34am
In topic Rebuttal showdown transcript
Originally posted by Hurkyl:
It's not that hard to read text at all angles with practice... although I don't know if that's the sort of skill you need to develop young or if you can do it at any age. It's trickier when it starts spinning, though.

it's just ya have to focus on flipped reading, slashing and picking up the proper blade at the pace the game wants you to. I get that it's supposed to fit into the theme of chaotic debates, but sometimes it's just annoying
Originally posted by nobody:
Remove all the maps with bounce pads

and Metro.

Wish granted - it's now reverted back to Alley :fhappy:
Apr 7 @ 7:39pm
In topic Ranks are pointless
There was an attempt to make rankings a little better, but ultimately, it went back to square one because the lack of players meant that the grinding can and will happen no matter what. At its core it's a party game that was never marketed as competitive to the public
Apr 7 @ 4:07pm
In topic Rebuttal showdown transcript
Are you telling me i have to tilt my head 90 degrees in order to read what they're saying in order to pick the right sword? I'm using the Japanese voiceover and it quickly starts getting irritating. That was not an issue in the first game, because the only flipped line was during Celeste's malding

EDIT: that's only for the flipped lines
Apr 7 @ 5:32am
In topic Who is best boy in danganronpa
Overall? Probably Mondo. Out of the survivors? Yasuhiro, this dude is stupid, but his weed aura makes up for it
Apr 6 @ 8:58am
In topic who is best girl?
Kirigiri-san is the best
Весь русский контингент уже разошелся, поэтому сомневаюсь, что найдется достаточно людей одного уровня скилла
Apr 1 @ 2:40pm
In topic Достижение "Повезло"
Создай лобби с ботами и поставь Колесо удачи в настройках лобби, при выборе карты. Раньше оно рандомно появлялось в пабах, а щас только так
Apr 1 @ 1:45pm
In topic I need tips for a first time player
You can also unlock the extra stuff from the menu with Monocoins, so if you're interested in that, you might not wanna spend them all at once on the gacha
Mar 31 @ 9:28am
In topic はたらくリンちゃん!
Originally posted by stray_pengo:
I think it's safe to say that she is our Sayaka-chan now... XD

which Sayaka
Mar 30 @ 2:13pm
In topic A letter to [Muse Dash] fans
1 day too early
Mar 26 @ 6:18pm
In topic Kyoko Kirigiri appreciation thread
I can't put into words how ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ awesome she is, it takes massive balls to be so level-headed with all this pressure, which puts her way above every other character in the game
Mar 19 @ 3:39pm
In topic Cant change my resolution
The game only supports up to 16:9 aspect ratio, which is the most common one - any higher and those people will have significant advantage
Mar 19 @ 11:28am
In topic Please remove the speed changer
anything higher than 1.5 is horrible, at least with the current map pool
Mar 19 @ 11:16am
In topic Fix Quick chat or remove it
Originally posted by Shedding my mortal skin:
Originally posted by Clancy McFancy:
Suppression of Freedom and personal rights is a good thing.
This is going to need some explanation.

they probably mean the freedom to get all the personal info from minors, because freedom means freedom, obviously /s
Mar 17 @ 12:49pm
In topic (spolier)
Originally posted by Sailor Paladin:
Originally posted by Plastic_SR:
People in this thread who wish all sorts of ♥♥♥♥♥♥ up ♥♥♥♥ for both of them are going full Aubrey here. And even then Aubrey had a reasonable cause for her behaviour, whether edgelords ITT have none because they can't put themselves in Sunny's/Basil's shoes

You displease me.

I literally said that I know what it's like to have an uncontrollable fit of anger.

Beyond that - oh, sure. I cannot put myself in shoes of someone who would defile the memory of his sister\dear friend for personal gain. Because I would never do that. Because that's wrong and way over the line and - for the 100th time - I honestly believe that there is no coming back from that. At least for Basil.

Sunny - not sure. But highly skeptical.

It's really easy to say "oh i will never do X or Y" until you're put in a situation that would make you panic hard enough to consider doing it. People can go to great lengths to try and migitate the dire situation for them, and in this case Basil pretty much said "i can make it just a tiny easier for you and take some of your burden on myself" - and Sunny was terrified enough to be put into judgement of all his other friends (who are 12, mind you, and aren't exactly supposed to deal with these things at this age without emotional factor, thus they would just simply refuse to listen to him) to question the morality of such actions.

There is no doubt that both Sunny and Basil did a horrible thing. But from their perspective, it's the only way to make sure nobody misinterprets it as a deliberate murder, which would be taken far worse than suicide, for them. They are young kids who were overwhelmed with panic, grief and sudden trauma of losing a sister/friend to an accident, and you can't expect them to act based on logic and look for solutions to their problem that doesn't benefit them right now. In retrospective, postponing the reveal to several years later allowed their friends to make their forgive/not forgive decision with much more mature outlook on this, at least way more than when they were 12-13, and they wouldn't make peace with each other the way they did - and it happened all because Sunny had one friend that didn't give up on him, Kel

There, i said it. I explained my stance on it and i am not willing to drag myself into days-long debates over the opinion i said in the passing-by moment, that hit someone's nerve, unlike lots of people here.
Mar 17 @ 8:41am
In topic (spolier)
People in this thread who wish all sorts of ♥♥♥♥♥♥ up ♥♥♥♥ for both of them are going full Aubrey here. And even then Aubrey had a reasonable cause for her behaviour, whether edgelords ITT have none because they can't put themselves in Sunny's/Basil's shoes
Are there any crucial gameplay/performance changes that makes the Redux version better? I don't really care much about visual improvements
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