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Prelude to Prosperity

Pass the story of Prelude to Prosperity
Unlocked Jun 5 @ 2:29am

Path of Flourishing

Pass the story of Path of Flourishing
Unlocked Jun 5 @ 2:51am

Bodhisattva Manjushri

Bless by Bodhisattva Manjushri
Unlocked Jun 5 @ 2:37am

Bodhisattva Guanyin

Bless by Bodhisattva Guanyin
Unlocked Jun 10 @ 4:33am

God of Wealth

Bless by God of Wealth
Unlocked Jun 12 @ 7:14am

God of Wealth

Bless by God of Wealth
Unlocked Jun 10 @ 4:51am

Old Debtor

Failure to repay debts leads to being removed from office
Unlocked Jun 10 @ 5:08am

Nationwide Rejuvenation

Pass the story of Nationwide Rejuvenation

A Land Without Strife

Pass the story of A Land Without Strife

Fated Conflicts

Pass the story of Fated Conflicts

Before Sunset

Pass the story of Before Sunset

Calming Waves

Pass the story of Calming Waves

Mist Moon

Pass the story of Mist Moon

Final Roar

Pass the story of Final Roar

Clever Try

Play endless mode once

Diligent Try

Play endless mode five times

Perfect Try

Play endless mode ten times

Tree Master

Cut down 5000 trees in a single game

Glorious Name

Kill 100 enemy teams in a single game

Affluent City

Highest level reach

Thriving City

Highest level reach

Prosperous City

Highest level reach

Glorious City

Highest level reach

Recruit Talents

Recruit a first-class staff member once

Double Results

Unlock all building bonuses

Smiling Afterlife

Bury 100 corpses

Bodhisattva Samantabhadra

Bless by Bodhisattva Samantabhadra

God of Harvest

Bless by God of Harvest

Useless Person

Use the useless seal to reach 1000 people in hard mode

Bountiful Harvest

Total food surpasses 10000

Crowded Landscape

Host a total of 10000 tourists in a single session

Fan Zhongyan

Encounter Fan Zhongyan

Liu Yong

Encounter Liu Yong

Bao Zheng

Encounter Bao Zheng

Ouyang Xiu

Encounter Ouyang Xiu

Sima Guang

Encounter Sima Guang

Su Shi

Encounter Su Shi

Wang Anshi

Encounter Wang Anshi

Yan Jidao

Encounter Yan Jidao

Zhou Bangyan

Encounter Zhou Bangyan

Li Shishi

Encounter Li Shishi

Liang Hongyu

Encounter Liang Hongyu

Li Qingzhao

Encounter Li Qingzhao

Yu Yunwen

Encounter Yu Yunwen

Li Qingzhao II

Encounter Li Qingzhao again

Li Xianzhong

Encounter Li Xianzhong

Yu Yunwen II

Encounter Yu Yunwen again

Zhu Xi

Encounter Zhu Xi

Fan Chengda

Encounter Fan Chengda

Jiang Kui

Encounter Jiang Kui

Friendly with Quilon

Reach the highest trading level with Quilon

Friendly with Samboja

Reach the highest trading level with Samboja

Friendly with Kalah

Reach the highest trading level with Kalah

Friendly with Brunei

Reach the highest trading level with Brunei

Friendly with Korea

Reach the highest trading level with Korea

Setting Sail

Complete one maritime trade

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