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lacking dexterity Dec 25, 2023 @ 1:43am 
Rockin around the Christmas tree at the Xmas Party Hop. It was the annual XA xmas party! 32 people packed in Steven’s 10by10 toolshed. Kitt3n was hanging mistletoe everywhere. Spor had his Ms dressed as Elves. Brucey held a bible and spoke about the true meaning of Xmas. JAWSler was lecturing on the superiority of a white xmas. Dext was flirting with smiyo, philly, hobokitty, ducky and bex. Steven was flirting with Tuna, Selbs, Mav and the 6 Dannys. Mr. Yeffery stood near the window streaming 8Crazy Nights on his phone while on the lookout for Palestinian protestors. Mclovin and deebo sat by the fire smoking cigars talking about real estate and immigration. Blap hid in the closet, insulting everyone who walked by and asking if Alejo was there. Windmill stood outside selling salvation for 1$ and slugz hotboxed his car surrounded by nonsteamers and Dr. Kari, unable to enter the party. Nobody had seen original_mind.
lacking dexterity Dec 25, 2023 @ 1:43am 
Philly said“Steven where is Santa?” “I booked a new one this year.”The music suddenly changed. Everybody dance now! The door burst open it was Santa! He was half naked! He was thrusting his pelvis, gyrating his hips and twerking his ass. He wore a red thong speedo with a long white beard hanging from the front. Oh yes! He was coming right for Philly. He was rubbing his balls on Philly. Philly was getting horny. Something was sticking out beneath Santa’s crotch beard. Was it his penis? No! It was the tip of a slice of cheese pizza. Philly said “Original is that you?”A deep, stuttering voice returned “the mall fired me. Oh! heuhheuh” He looked at his watch“My fast just ended.” Original took the pizza that was stuffing his crotch and ate it. Then he burped.Pieces of wet cheese and pubic hair hit Phillys face. Philly was absolutely disgusted!She knew she had to get dex to blast it off and pulled him into the closet where blappin watched. Xmas was saved!
Unit Dec 20, 2023 @ 2:22pm 
Hey I used to admin in HC over 10 years ago,dont know if you remember me its been a while
Mawfucka Jones Jun 16, 2023 @ 8:00pm 
lacking dexterity Dec 24, 2022 @ 2:03am 
It was xmas time, again. philly headed back to the mall to see Santa. It had been a rough year, inflation and rising cost of living, and of course philly had not found Mr.BIG. philly plopped herself down on Santa’s lap and started to grind her ass into his ♥♥♥♥. Santa said “hey stop that! I need to preserve my testosterone!” Santa sounded familiar. His voice was deep and stuttering, like his brain wasn’t functioning quite properly. The music was weird… it sounded like Boy Pablo. And Santa seemed to be talking to himself about gravity and time dilation. philly said “Original_mind is that you?” “NO!” Original mind is a computer programmer.” philly grabbed his white beard and ripped it off. The crowd gasped. It was original_mind! philly said “well this explains santa’s weak erection this year.“ “It’s all the meat I eat. There is no blood flow.” Original said. Oh well philly thought, at least dex was getting out of prison soon… xmas was saved
Glasses Aug 28, 2022 @ 12:20pm 
Hey can i join the group "Hotel California"? :D