Jason   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States - sometimes i stream TF2/BF4

Former TF2 teams:
LG, br0, iDemise, Subtle, Area 51, blight, loaded, MoB/Strickland Propane, Hostile Faction, EG/sway, paragon, atomic, puRe gaming, TDA - i.e alot of teams

Former TFC Teams: TDA, ELB

Video Game Accomplishments (lololol)


Dead by Dawn 1v1 DM Tourney winner

Clan TDA All time Records (2001-2006):
Longest Title run: 24 matches
Biggest win streak: 27 Matches
Most League wins: 359
Most Title Reigns: 17
Triple crown champions (1st place in TFL, IGL, and STA simultaneously)


4th Place: Cevo Sennheiser Tournament (TDA)
4th Place ESEA Invite Season 4 (Strickland Propane)
1st Place ESEA Invite Season 6 (benchwarmer/backup - Blight Gaming)
1st Place ESEA IM Season 8 (iDEMISE)
3rd Place ESEA Invite Season 10 (benchwarmer/backp - srsly br0)
3rd Place ESEA IM Season 14 - Sal's Canal

UGC 8v8 Platinum Champions Season 5 & 7
Team Player

Now i suck and just play pub engy

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