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May 28 @ 1:11am
In topic EVERSLAUGHT Roadmap
Originally posted by Fazure:
When was the last update for this Early Access game released in 2021? Are they adding collision physics at some point to bring it up to par with the competition which was popular at the time of release?
You can check its update history on steamdb:
Curiously, there ARE some recent updates, I mean, at least some depot changes.
May 26 @ 8:04pm
In topic Is it working yet?
I've seen no new posts and only 5 reviews? Has the game died already? Has it improved on the VR headset support front?
May 19 @ 2:45am
In topic Only 60Hz at the resolutions`
Originally posted by RACHMANOVSKI:
Originally posted by Patola Linux:
Thanks, but as my nickname says, I use Linux, not Windows. I made sure I am at 144 Hz using the equivalent utilities on Linux though.
Seems to me your DE may not supporting 60hz above :/ maybe try gnome?
It does support higher frequencies, also tried gnome, no change.
No updates, no discussions? is this game abandoned?
May 9 @ 12:56pm
In topic Only 60Hz at the resolutions`
Originally posted by BENGALI:
Go into display settings in windows. Go to advanced settings, should be a drop down box that says "refresh rate" make sure that it is ticked to 144 hz
Thanks, but as my nickname says, I use Linux, not Windows. I made sure I am at 144 Hz using the equivalent utilities on Linux though.
May 5 @ 4:00am
In topic Steam deck play?
Originally posted by Madnetic Games:
Originally posted by Witcher70:
Thank you.
We got positive verification from steam already but we need to solve issue with the bug on steam deck where it doesn't support .mp4 video files format in which we have all in-game video. It should be soon fully playable.
Thank you very much! :)
May 4 @ 2:09am
In topic Only 60Hz at the resolutions`
I've got a ultrawide 3440x1440 144Hz monitor and I am able to select the resolution on the graphics but all resolution options are only 60Hz. How do I get 144 Hz? Or I just can't? My desktop is at 144Hz before I start the game. Is there any way to force it on the configuration file? I don't see the frequency in there.
May 3 @ 10:38pm
In topic Earn Bounty Hunter Bonuses This Month
FOMO mechanics crap.
Originally posted by Nighthaven:
It will lead you to special station if you follow it. And once there, it triggers some request from boso ta if you have him around. Have not done it yet myself, and it is not a direct mission I believe, but might be tied to the Duke Storyline.
I have followed it completely like 4 times already. And it led me to no special station. It would just keep going down and then stop (if I startled it), or it would just keep visiting stations in the sector (if I just followed it from a distance). More than half an hour on each attempt.
I got that one too. Fortunately I saved just before it happened, and it happens like 2-3 minutes after I load the game consistently. So I should instead follow it?
Apr 28 @ 1:35am
In topic New map | COMING SOON
You guys are the best! Waiting for DLCs and maybe a VR version? One can only hope! Congrats for the incredible work.
Apr 27 @ 3:11am
In topic The Big Denuvo Thread
Originally posted by Martin:
Denuvo and the various other similar softwares are designed to force a fair game for all players, demanding it's removal is insulting to all fair gamers who never cheat, because it basically makes the demand that you can play how you wish and what anyone else wants is not important. Most of us play on Steam, or Epic which both use similar softwares, nearly all games deploy these softwares for the exact same reason.

Denuvo -- the company -- has an anticheat but that's not what's being used on this game. It's the Denuvo DRM, it is not anticheat software.
Apr 25 @ 7:51pm
In topic The Big Denuvo Thread
Originally posted by BinaryMessiah:
Honeslty I think it's over rated and over blown. I never notice if a game has Denuvo or if it's removed. I remember back in the day people complained about anti-piracy stuff on discs and before that it was needing to own the original game manual for the anti-piracy codes. It's always something. Publishers and developers have the right to protect their IP whether we agree to it or not.

In today's age is more pointless than ever, but they still have the right.
Not again, please. Stop associating wanting Denuvo removed with piracy or being against "protecting IP", these are false arguments because they don't attack the point raised by people here. This is about lots of things, but amongst them flexibility of dealing with the game and game preservation.

What is going on that people keep repeating these over and over without regard to the actual arguments?
Apr 25 @ 10:42am
In topic The Big Denuvo Thread
Originally posted by Caz:
Originally posted by rothabilly:
Yup, I won't buy until Denuvo is gone. I can't believe all the clowns defending it. Likely paid shills. This "Player 1 (Cosmo)" being an obvious one. Disregard what that dude has to say. Don't even both responding to his shill work.
So anyone that calls out the annoyance of the denuvo crybabies MUST BE on denuvo's payroll... That's not how reality works. But, using your logic, you must be on the payroll of denuvo's competitors since you're here crying about denuvo.
Wow, that would be genius. A paid Denuvo competitor infiltrate asking the game developer to drop DRM altogether. That would surely render rivers of money to said competitor.
Apr 25 @ 10:34am
In topic VR
Originally posted by dorohn:
I am playing it with vorpx and my VR treadmill. 😊
using the VR spatial controls or a regular gamepad?
Apr 25 @ 8:39am
In topic VR
Me too for VR. Please? PLEASE? For a VR game that has a similar aesthetic, check COMPOUND -- -- and it's great, I imagine what a deep simulator like this would be.
Originally posted by Bar:
there is a mod in the workshop called Add Money
Adds 1 000 000 000 000 cr. when you start a game
it gives the modified flag to the savegame.
Apr 22 @ 5:09pm
In topic X4 Foundations memes?
Anyone has? Stickers, animated gifs, small movies, jokes, posters, avatars, sound snippets and the likes.
Apr 21 @ 12:21pm
In topic ultrawide
Originally posted by Boardy1976:
The apparent ultrawide support doesn't work for me. Anyone got this working at 3840x1600 res?
I got it to work in 2560x1080 and 3440x1440, just tested and it was ok.
Apr 20 @ 6:56pm
In topic What No Steam Cloud Saves?
Originally posted by Martyn Jenkins:
Originally posted by Laptop:
Any update on Steam cloud saves being added? To my knowledge there is no cost with enabling it in Steam, just a matter of the devs taking the time to do it.
don't think the devs care anymore
Why? They have been quite active and providing timely updates.
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