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Originally posted by Sir Duckyweather:
Originally posted by Fatshark Julia:
The developer handling this is currently in communication with Steam as we've encountered some blockers and require their help.
Thanks. Having this feedback is crucially important to us, players. Game is still on my wishlist and my Steam Deck will be arriving in the next few days. :steamhappy: Eager to try and play the game there (besides playing on my desktop and laptop too).
May 10 @ 5:57am
In topic No VR Support? Seriously?
+1 for VR support on Linux (Windows must die)
May 5 @ 2:22am
In topic VR MOD? PLS
Any news on that? And sorry for necro'ing. :-)
May 3 @ 11:49am
In topic Any news on upcoming updates
Originally posted by Badger:
Quote From the dev in the Games Discord Group "Hi, the progress has been a little slow with this project. However, I have been doing a lot of testing last couple of months including some multiplayer with Unity's new multiplayer solution.

Things haven't been going all that great with it though because it is very new and I didn't feel that it is ready yet, perhaps in a year it would be. I am not sure how long I want to keep the game on early access but I will have to rethink/design the project over if I were to do this, including dropping some physics interaction aspect -this is what I am leaning towards. From all the feedback I have gotten so far it seems vast majority do not care much for physic and they want predictable, smooth control. I would also make to fully playable without a VR headset. I don't think it could support quest natively though, not without decreasing the graphic quality by a lot, quest is a mobile GPU.

In the meantime, while we wait for the big stuff to happen, I think I am going to release few some defense mission for PAK40 and MG, probably in a few weeks." the game is far from dead its a solo dev doing great work
Yeah, one month after this comment and no updates whatsoever, no new missions. I am really bothered by that, starting to fear I've been scammed, after investing a lot of time finding out how to run this game on Linux.
Apr 21 @ 2:14am
In topic Linux version planned?
Originally posted by Zyro:
Originally posted by Patola Linux:
Given up from what? From Linux, by buying proton games?

No, we were talking about (giving up on) native games.
But that's it. I think it's ok to "give up" on native games. For the moment, at least. We already got great performance by using windows-compatible APIs via proton/wine. And anyway, almost all games which were native so far were actually using some kind of compatibility layer -- Witcher 2 via Virtual Programming's eON, Valve games with their own compatibility layer, Feral with their own compatibility layer too and so on. It's not that different from using Proton, in that regard. Due to the much larger public, games are done first for Windows and tested more thoroughly for it, too, even if e.g. the developer uses a development engine that has Linux output like godot, unity or unreal. With time, we can catch up so they can justify investing in our own APIs.
Apr 21 @ 12:52am
In topic Linux version planned?
Originally posted by Zyro:
Originally posted by Klauth:
In terms of sales, I can tell you it is a dozen only, worldwide.
Even myself, a huge Linux fan (started in 1994 with Slackware, yes, I'm old), also a true Windows loather, I've got rid of my "native Linux" requirement for games.

This sounds to me like "I have given up, so I feel better to believe that all others have, too."
You don't know, I don't know, we don't know.
Given up from what? From Linux, by buying proton games? No, that has nothing whatsoever to do with giving up. Proton works fantastically and with all its options and features we have better control than if we used a native build. We can freely inject FSR, we can easily debug and get info on what the game is doing with PROTON_LOG and WINEDEBUG variables.

BTW, also started with Linux in 1993, in 1994 installed Slackware in my own computer. And I also loathe Windows. I just don't think we can compete with the Windows ecosystem in terms of professionals available and native APIs/frameworks knowledge from developers. The old egg and chicken issue and proton is the best way to solve this, first increase the linux-using crowd by ensuring windows API compatibility, then, later, get back to doing native ports wherever seems sensible.
Apr 20 @ 4:57pm
In topic Red Matter 2 - not on Steam?
I've just seen the trailer for Red Matter 2. An Oculus Exclusive? Really? Won't there be a Steam version?
Originally posted by Sam:
Originally posted by Trostan:
What about now?
News is cancelled. No more news.
But our whining goes on. It's infinite. We want Vermintide 2 working on Linux/Steam Deck. No, we NEED it working on Linux/Steam Deck.

So, devs, please make it so.
Originally posted by GiuEliNo:
The real problem i think, leaving the eac aside, is the "new" launcher using the edgeWebview engine,it is really borked with proton, and even to play in modded realm we must disable it, deleting the files, or using the version without the launcher, probably until they will find a fix for it(or wait for valve to fix it) , they will never enable the steamdeck compatibility. :\
That's a bummer. Now that we've broken through the anticheat barrier, many games with anticheat have problems exactly in that part, the launcher. Usually something .net getting in the way.
Copyright covers implementations. Not ideas and design. You can't have copyright infringement by doing a different game with different assets even if the mechanics are identical.

Anyway, this ludicrous notion that people could not / should not copy good ideas should really go away.
Thanks for informing us, really glad for that.
Originally posted by Qau'lthir:
Originally posted by rusty_dragon:
You don't need to have a sample size for things you can easily verify personally on your own machine.

I think my 250 hours of Elden Ring and 1600 hours of Vermintide 2 without any incident is enough of a verification to back up my claims.

Clean out your malware-ridden potato box if you're having a different experience.
It's not. You use technical terms from statistics but you seemingly do not know how they work. Even if your sample was significant, it's non-random so can't be used to infer a general rule.
Apr 1 @ 2:45am
In topic Linux version planned?
meraco's attitude is the worst possible, but I generally agree with his conclusions on his last post. Specially "Linux ports are on the decline.. Linux gaming is on the rise." -- this trend might suffer some reversal with native ports for the Steam Deck, I'm already seeing what seems to be some unexpected native ports.
Mar 31 @ 5:06am
In topic Linux version planned?
I bought it at -50%, good enough for me.
Mar 30 @ 8:11am
In topic Linux version planned?
Originally posted by meraco:
OP = 26 Sep, 2019

ded topic...
If you are using the steam client, there's a giant button on the right-hand side of the screen showing "Unsubscribe from discussion" (in the English version, maybe your language is different but you get the idea). Click on it and you won't receive notification of this ded topic anymore. Your life is saved! No need to thank me, just discard your Windows, stop trolling antilinux on Steam groups and embrace the Linux Way of Life™.
Mar 24 @ 11:41am
In topic 5.00 Hotfix 3 released
Originally posted by Blitz4:
Originally posted by Patola Linux:
It is automatable rather than automated. You are not required to automate it but the game lets you do that. I mainly put any idle fleet to explore around the sectors so I can know what's in there without needing to personally navigate all the space.
can you assign a fleet or your ships to explore our scout out an entire sector automatically? meaning you don't have to set waypoints.

i'm on the edge of my seat here as that's the only thing keeping me from playing.
It would not be possible to just select the sector to explore since each sector is theoretically infinite -- the more you explore of it, the more expanded it gets. But I don't think setting 2 or 3 waypoints in it is a big issue -- just a couple clicks more, and the exploration radius is huge. Also, as with any exploration, it takes time, don't expect it to be quick.
Mar 23 @ 9:44pm
In topic 5.00 Hotfix 3 released
Originally posted by Blitz4:
curious. is exploration automated or is it part of the expected gameplay experience?
I might rather trade or fight instead of explore.
It is automatable rather than automated. You are not required to automate it but the game lets you do that. I mainly put any idle fleet to explore around the sectors so I can know what's in there without needing to personally navigate all the space.
Mar 23 @ 12:12pm
In topic 5.00 Hotfix 3 released
Thanks for the fixes, Egosoft! Big fan here, bought collector's edition and now the Tides of Avarice DLC, very happy with it. However I finally went through the apotheosis mission (reunification of paranid) in my playthrough and I was clipping through the interior of the Apotheosis -- it happened twice, and I couldn't clip back afterwards, had to restore the savegame. Seems to have happened when I was drifting in the diagonal compared to the surface I clipped through.
Originally posted by vitokin:
Originally posted by Cassian:
WTF, you made a trailer a week before launch but a beta footage disclaimer on it????
And youtubers get to play before everyone else, typical " Modern " thing of game industry, I wish i could refund my pre-order on Gog right now knowing this, for this shady thing.
Youtubers get to play the game before launch, as buggy as it is. Beta testers the same. At the time of launch, hopefully final players will have a more polished game. What is wrong or shady with that? Or was that sarcasm and I wasn't able to detect it?
Originally posted by Sigma Eight:
Is this game like, actually good yet? Because it was awful the last time I played it. Still playing X3 over this even today.
X3 is X3. X4 is a different beast altogether. When was the last time you played it? Why did you find it awful? I find X4 nerdgastically awesome. To me it's the best game ever made -- or at least from the thousands of games I have. I find all X3's (including X3TC with total conversiom mods) boring compared to it.
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