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Redsong 11 hours ago 
hello mate, can you send me friend request? I have something for you
xVenus Mar 31 @ 11:22pm 
Friendly Guy !!! ❤️ 
We can be friends  for future games ^_^ 
✅✅✅+REP Good Player  
✅✅✅+REP Good Friend 
✅✅✅+REP Nice profile  
✅✅✅+REP Have a nice day !  
deal Mar 18 @ 4:08am 
sup bro, lets play together, send me a friend request pls
hi i would like to sell a circling tf logo hat to one of your staff Tacos but they do not have public comments so i cannot make a comment saying the reason for me adding them, could you help me out please? thank you!
Bonaya Feb 8 @ 1:18am 
hi, can you send me friend request? i cant add you, idk why
shitass Jan 19 @ 7:31am 
Added to talk about donation.